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Is there a difference in how American men and women travel? Does one gender travel more than the other? Does it affect where they travel? What about their age? Or whether or not they are single or married or have children? And everyone has a travel wishlist, right? What destinations are in the top 20?

A recent poll suggests that in the US males travel more than females. Of the 1,000 US adults over 40 years old who were polled in a survey carried out by travel brand Rough Guides, nearly half of all females have never traveled outside the US, whereas this was the case with only 20% of US males.

However, females don’t seem to be any less keen to travel than males, with both males and females having an average of 6 countries on their wishlist to visit.

The reasons for the discrepancy between males and female is unclear, but the survey suggests it could be partly down to childcare responsibilities. Of the 3 in 10 people surveyed who said that they travel more now they’re older, 42% of women said it’s because their kids are a bit older, whereas only 35% of men said this.

Other reasons people are traveling more in the later years is that they say they have more time and freedom, they have more money now, and the internet makes it easier to research travel.

Perhaps Americans need more holidays. A massive 7 in 10 people surveyed haven’t been abroad in the last year, and just over half have not been abroad for more than 25 months. The gender difference shows up here too – nearly 6 in 10 females have no trips booked for 2019, but this is the case for just over 40% of males.

Top 20 countries on Americans’ wishlists:




The Caribbean

The UK




New Zealand













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