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10 travel tips to help you to get the most out of your summer vacation


Summer is around the corner, and many travelers all over the world are busy planning their vacations. In an effort to help travelers enjoy their trip and get the most bang for their buck, air passenger rights and travel experts have compiled what to do in order to get the most out of your vacation, for the lowest amount of money.


Prices for flight tickets vary a lot even on the same routes, mainly due to supply and demand. Although prices in general usually are higher during busy seasons, travelling in the middle of the week is usually a good way to get away a bit cheaper. As a bonus, less busy airports usually also mean fewer delays and flight disruptions.


The rates for hotel rooms can be very different, even at the same hotel. It is time to be clever.
Just like low-cost airlines, many hotels add extra fees for anything from WiFi to slightly bigger rooms. Make sure to check ahead of time what you are actually paying for, and how much it will be if you need to add extras. Depending on the hotel and city, there might also be unexpected charges to your final bill, such as occupancy/tourism tax or newspaper delivery to name just a few. Always check before booking what extra costs or for any hidden fees that might occur. If you don’t mind sharing rooms or space, you can also cut a lot of extra costs by staying at a hostel, as many have significantly improved their service over the years.


Ever stumbled upon a hotel booking site and been shocked by extremely high prices?
Chances are you accidentally hit your destination at the time of a big event. If there is a big conference, sporting event or festival in town, prices of hotels will most likely soar. So once you have decided on your destination, make sure to also check if it will host any big event during the summer, and then go there before or after that event.


If you can, go away for a long time. Usually, rentals become cheaper the longer you rent them. The weekly average cost for an apartment goes down a lot if you rent it for a month. As a bonus, you will feel right at home when you’re away, by having a place for you and your family or friends all by yourself.


Unfortunately there is always a risk of your flight being delayed or disrupted when travelling, especially during a high traffic holiday season. In fact, at many popular summer destinations, the average flight punctuality might be as low as 50 percent or less. That means one in two flights will be delayed. The good news: if your flight arrives more than three hours late to your final destination, you might be entitled to up to $700 per person in compensation by the airline.


It sounds obvious, but in the end, it is almost always smart to book flights and accommodation in advance. Sure, sometimes you can be spontaneous and score some sweet last minute deals, but often prices increase a lot when the departure time is drawing near. Although on average the price for an economy ticket changes up to 61 times before a trip, AirHelp found that when booking flights for summer, it’s best to buy tickets around 70 days in advance to get the lowest fares.


Make sure to clear your browser when you are looking to find and book a trip. Many sites will otherwise keep track of your action, and know that you have looked for a flight, but not booked one. If you return to their site, you might find that the price for the same route is now slightly higher. This is because the site tracks you down through cookies, and knows you have a particular interest in that trip. So if you want to save some additional cash, make sure to surf the web in incognito mode.


There are many reasons to try to be a bit creative when going about your travels. Overtourism is a real thing, and air traffic congestion at busy airport hubs is another. On top of that, prices to the most popular destinations tend to be even higher during peak season. So why be like everybody else? Time to travel somewhere new! You might find some hidden gems by searching and thinking creatively, and chances are your wallet will be rewarded too! So make sure to take your time and explore all the options before you commit to buying your ticket.


If you can, travel light. Let’s face it, luggage is a drag. It is becoming more and more common that you will have to pay extra for every additional bag and wait in a congested airport for it to arrive, risking it getting lost somewhere along the way. So make sure to check up on the hand luggage rules of the operating airline, and stuff exactly as much as is allowed in your carry-on!


Have you ever visited Vienna? It is a lovely city. So is Bratislava, and the good news, they are only 50 kilometers apart. Make the most out of your vacation by hitting double the amount of destinations for one flight ticket. Another great recommendation is Glasgow/Edinburgh, or if you prefer high contrast, party in Las Vegas and chill out at Grand Canyon afterwards.

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