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RIU Hotels & Resorts opens new Riu Playa Park in Mallorca


RIU Hotels & Resorts has opened the new Riu Playa Park on the island of Mallorca. RIU is in the midst of the process of renovating its entire international hotel range, and chose here to go one step further. After knocking down the old Riu Playa Park, which the chain has had since 1982, a new four-star hotel was built that will surprise guests with its modern construction and services, and with which the chain brings together the best of its accumulated experience over recent years.

“When we considered renovating Riu Playa Park, we decided to make a bigger investment and build a new hotel which means we can go up a category and attract new customers with more of a family profile. The total investment comes to more than 35 million euros and I think our customers will really appreciate the result,” explains Luis Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels. “After this project, the only renovation left to do in Mallorca is the Riu Concordia, which will start at the end of this year and is scheduled for completion in spring 2020.”

Riu Playa Park is located a few metres from the beachfront and offers a total of 475 spacious rooms, equipped with everything needed to guarantee its guests’ comfort. The new style of the rooms combines cheerful colours with simple lines that result in a sense of freshness, and a peaceful and very Mediterranean atmosphere. As an innovation in its hotels on this island, RIU decided to include 17 exclusive rooms with private-use pools in this hotel.

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