Driving in the 10 most-visited cities in Mauritius


While there are many ways to get around Mauritius, car rentals remain a popular option. From visits to quant villages to coastal drives, to visiting cultural attractions and, of course, shopping, getting there by car is the most convenient way to enjoy a trip to Mauritius on your own time.

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Aerial View S.S.R int. Airport

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So, get ready to explore Mauritius on your next holiday – it is an island of plenty: plenty of gorgeous beaches, cultural attractions, nature walks, and shopping centers. If you’re visiting on a leisurely vacation, you may want to spend some time exploring at least a few of the island’s ten most visited cities by car.

Plaine Magnien City

Holiday Inn Hotel at Plaine Magnien

Located in southeast Mauritius, Plaine Magnien is a quaint village and home to Mauritius’ only airport: SSR International Airport.

When you arrive on the island, you will first set foot in Plaine Magnien. And this is where we will be waiting for you with the car of your choice that you can drive to your hotel.

With Pingouin Car Rental, you can just check-in online and prepay your rental. They have a pretty large range of rental vehicles, so you can choose one you’re most familiar and comfortable driving. In case of assistance, our 24/7 support team is here for you.

Although there is not much to do in Plaine Magnien, it is of strategic importance. If you’re planning to stay a day or two here, you can visit Tamarind Falls or popular attractions near the village, such as Flic En Flac Beach, Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, La Plantation De Saint Aubin and Caudan Waterfront.

Île aux Cerfs City

Ile aux Cerfs

Île aux Cerfs or Deer Island is a privately-owned island near the island’s east coast. It lies off Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius’ largest lagoon and is made of nearly 100 hectares of land.

While its name pays homage to the deer herds that used to inhabit the island, their numbers have decreased and today, visitors and locals come here for wonderful beach experiences.

Relax at a white, sandy beach or indulge in water sports, which range from water skiing to riding in glass bottom or banana boats. Snorkelling is also a popular activity at the beautiful coral reef teeming with rich marine life. If you’re a golfing enthusiast, you can tee off at the island’s 18-hole golf course offering splendid views of the lagoon and emerald waters of the Indian Ocean. After you have worked

up an appetite, stop by at one of the many diverse restaurants, although we recommend trying one that features the local cuisine on its menu.

Blue Bay City

Ile aux des Cocos Island

For stunning scenery and untouched landscapes, visit Blue Bay, a listed Marine Park well-known for its coral beds and amazing marine life.

Make time for a snorkelling adventure on this little bay: you will be amazed at the fuchsia mushroom corals crowning sea beds, and shoals of convict shoalfish, Moorish idols, damselfish and Parrotfish.

Note that the western area of the beach has the richest coral life.  If you’re looking for a budget 3-stars apartmentin Blue-Bay, we highly recommend Pingouinvillas for your stay.  It is only 8 minutes drive from the SSR Int. Airport.  This place is convenient mainly if you have to catch a flight early morning due to its proximity with the airport.

Bagatelle City

Bagatelle Mall

The famous Bagatelle Mall is thronged by tourists and locals alike. Why? The mall has 155 stores and offers the widest selection of specialty stores in Mauritius.

If you intend to shop till you drop, spare some of your time to exploring the brands on offer at the mall and tuck into a delicious treat at its huge food court.

Belle Mare City

Belle Mare Plage Beach

Belle Mare is one of the island’s most picturesque talcum sand beaches. Its water flows along the island’s east coast, which is a less developed tourist area in the region. The blue waters of the 400-meter-long beach sparkle against a backdrop of palm trees and caress soft white sand.  It is a nice area for a picnic, with filao trees offering generous shade and fisherman dropping anchor on weekends.

Grand Bay City

Grand Bay Lagoon

The seaside village of Grand Bay (also known as Grand Baie) is located to the island’s north.

It is a popular town whose beaches, nightlife and shopping beckon tourists in large numbers. You can enjoy sailing water skiing wind surfing, deep sea fishing or boat excursions to the northern islands.

Shop at local shops that have been in existence for half a century or visit the area’s modern shopping centres. At nightfall, Grand Bay’s bars and night clubs come alive. If travelling with kids, stop by at the local aquarium where you and yours can feed fish and watch sharks.

Trou aux biche City

Trou aux Biches Sandy Beach

Located on the northern coast of Mauritius, the town of Trou aux biche is home to a beach by the same name, which is a famous spot for sunset watching. World Travel Group has rated the beach as one of Mauritius’ most beautiful.

Several tourist resorts and hotels line the beach, although they don’t interfere with the suburban village-like feel. While you’re here, you can visit the island’s largest Hindu temple, play a few rounds at a local golf course and check out the Mauritius Aquarium mentioned above.

Port Louis City

Port Louis Harbour View

Port Louis is Mauritius’ capital city and home to many cultural attractions. Visit Blue Penny Museum to see the world’s first colonial stamp. Boast about seeing an ancient dodo skeleton at the Natural History Museum. Learn about the island’s religious diversity at a local church, Indian temples, Chinese places of worship and mosques. Take a stroll up Signal Mountain to marvel at the cityscape at sunset.

Tamarin City

Tamarin Crystal Islet

Located on the west coast of Mauritius, Tamarin is home to the Tamarin Bay, a popular surfing spot. It is also a dolphin spotting area, with many boat companies offering trips to watch and swim with dolphins in the mornings. The salt pans of Tamarin are a sought-after attraction – it is the only place on the island that continues producing salt in the traditional, artisanal way, continuing a heritage dating over 200 years. As you drive around, you will see how locals harvest salt, which feeds all of Mauritius.

Le Morne City

Le Morne Brabant Mountain Aerial View

Depending on your individual interests, the village of Le Morne can be the place where you engage in a surfing adventure or one where you relax at a white sandy beach or tee off at a golf course. The One Eye surf spot at Le Morne is world-famous among the surfing community. It is so called because of its fast left tube that traces the shape of an eye before breaking on the shallow reef.

Logo sign Pingouin Car on Hyundai 120

In this artcle, we have highlighted the uniqueness and main features of the 10 most-visited cities in Mauritius. So, next time you’re visiting Mauritius Island, get this guide in hand and you know what is the best way to rent a car in Mauritius once you get out of the airport.

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