Why are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds so popular?


Mobile games have taken over the video game market in recent years. All the popular games are launched in different platforms including mobile applications. PUBG is a game that almost everyone has heard about if they are up-to-date about the gaming craze. PUBG falls in the battle royal genre and it was taken well in the market especially among the youngsters. The initial launch of the game was for PCs and consoles but it really took off when the Android app was launched in February of 2018. So, the game has completed its first year and has become a crazy sensation over the world, especially in Asian countries such as India.  So, let us see some of the reasons why is PUBG mobile is popular?

Reasons behind the popularity of PUBG:

There should be definitely some reasons for which a video game becomes a sensation among a huge population. Here are some reasons for PUBG’s popularity:


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