Emirates Airline to expand services to Nice


Emirates Airline is planning to improve its passenger figures threefold in flights between Dubai and the City of Nice, situated in the French Reviera. The Dubai-based airline is hoping to fly 100,000 passengers in 2008.

The carrier plans to expand its flights to southern part of France in order to strengthen tourism between Dubai and the cities located around the Cote d’Azur.

Emirates’ General manager for France, jean-Luc Grillet told reporters that Emirates is now flying three times a week from Dubai to Nice. The flight halts in Rome, Italy. This flight will be upgraded to five weekly non-stop flights as of December 2008.
He also noted that the new venture would give travelers an opportunity to gain access to Nice, Cannes and Monaco while increasing tourism to these cities.

Now, Emirates service 30,000 passengers from Dubai to Nice on its three flights a week schedule. The Cote d’Azur area hosts about 50,000 travelers from the Persian Gulf region, explained Filip Soete, who is Nice airport’s manager. Nice is the second-highest traffic of all the airports in Paris.

Soete continued to say that the airport in Nice is witness to about 10 million travelers a year. It also has the capacity to accommodate another three million. The flights are serviced by an Airbus 330-200 with three separate classes – twelve seats in First Class, fourty-two seats in Business Class along wit 183 seats in Economy.

Emirates touts itself as the premier airline in the Middle East and has already augmented its capacity to the Dubai-Paris flight. The twice-daily service offered on this route use a Boeing 777 airplane since the close of February 2008.