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Visiting Japan? New guidebook reveals 101 great things such as fascinating toilet facts

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Written from over four decades visiting Japan, Mike Raggett’s “101 Great Things about Japan: Anime to Zen – observations on Japanese life and culture” adds quirk, personality and wit when helping people discover Japan in a wholly-unique way. Full of things visitors might not discover for themselves, including concrete castles, Japanese whisky and more than a few facts about their toilets – Raggett’s little book prepares anyone for a trip they’ll never forget.

Japan is about to see a huge influx of global visitors, with the Rugby World Cup kicking off in September and the Summer Olympics ten months later. It’s also become one of the most tourism-rich countries in the world – and a new guidebook will now help anyone discover the hidden aspects of the country that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Londoner, Mike Raggett’s book is unlike any other guidebook ever written, whether readers plan to visit Japan on the ground or from their sofa. It is an idiosyncratic selection of short essays with photographs to help prepare people enjoy visits to Japan to the full with a little understanding of the country and its customs.

Based on a series of visits over forty years, the author provides a quirky guide to the delights of this fascinating country. The book will be of great value to those visiting Japan for the first time maybe for the Rugby World Cup or the Olympic or Paralympic Games.

“Every guidebook out there contains the same information, so I wanted to create something that would expose readers to amazing things Japan has to offer, that they may not easily discover for themselves,” explains the author. “Many arrive in the country with little understanding of its customs and culture, so I want to ensure that, with a little more knowledge, they can enjoy their visit to the max. I’ve had so many fun experiences in the country and just wanted to share.”

Continuing, “It’s a handy size so perfect for travelling with, carrying day-to-day and flicking through when needed. And it’s all based on the many trips I have personally made over the years. In short, don’t be caught travelling without it!”

Reviews have been impressive. G. Walker commented: “A wonderful book. A personalized overview which touches on food, culture, history … and everything else. If you travel there then this will add to the richness of the experience. It will ease your everyday experience and help you to notice things that you would otherwise miss. If you have not been, this will make you want to.”

Pete B. added: “This little book is a great addition to books on Japan. In a handy to carry format, it is a mixture of travel guide and blog it gives a quirky look at some of the things that you might not find in other books and, if you’re going to Japan, you probably want to seek out there. Highly recommended.”

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