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Benchmark announces new Chief Sales Officer

Benchmark announces new Chief Sales Officer

Benchmark has named Eric Gavin chief sales officer. This represents a promotion for Mr. Gavin, who previously held the position of senior vice president sales & marketing. Ted Davis, Benchmark’s chief sales and marketing officer, made the announcement.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce Eric’s new role within our company,” said Mr. Davis. “He has a gift for developing high achievement within his sales teams that has resulted in extraordinary success for our company’s sales professionals and for Benchmark. His new position will enable him to expand his motivating influence to all areas of revenue generation for our properties and our company. We look forward to new heights of success for Eric, his team and for Benchmark.”

A highly experienced hospitality executive skilled in leading productive sales teams, Eric Gavin will in his new role oversee and direct Benchmark’s systemwide revenue management department, as well as the company’s global sales strategy and performance functions. His previous role as senior vice president for Benchmark followed his return to the company after serving as chief marketing officer for Salamander Hotels & Resorts.

Mr. Gavin earlier held the position of regional vice president sales and marketing for Benchmark, leading the sales operations and teams of sales professionals for hotels and resorts throughout Florida, California, Tennessee and the Caribbean. He has also previously served as vice president of marketing for Noble House Hotels & Resorts. Mr. Gavin attended the University of South Carolina – Aiken. He resides in The Woodlands with his family.

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