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Elephant Mud Fun: Tourists can get down and dirty with friendly elephants at Bali Zoo


Bali Zoo introduced a grand new intimate Elephant Mud Fun half-day attraction allowing guests to get down and dirty with the friendly Sumatran elephants while discovering their behavior from the mahout. Guests will learn interesting facts where it’s common to find elephants basking in mud during summer, because their high body temperature generates a great deal of metabolic heat, and with no sweat glands to relieve their internal thermometers they rely on mud to stay cool.

The adventure begins at 7am as the hotel will pick up and transport guests to Bali Zoo. Upon arriving at Kampung Sumatra area, guest will receive a brief introduction program while enjoying complimentary snack, coffee or tea. “The zoo’s English speaking mahout will share information about the elephants and provide guests with tropical fruits for feeding. Guests are escorted by the mahout to the river bank to be introduced to free roaming elephants and have a chance to interact closely and take photos with them. After 3 months, there are more tourists who want to experience the adventure, especially for Australian, they really like it because this program is very educative,” said Lesmana Putra, General Manager of Bali Zoo.

Then, it’s time for elephant spa time, with a generous mix of earth, water and fun. Get covered in mud along with the elephants who love getting dirty. Guests will walk with the elephants down to the nearby Wos River to join them for a splash. Once the elephants are clean, guests will be able to take some final photos with them before parting ways with their new friends. Then return for a shower and change followed by a relaxing lunch.

Visitors are invited to explore the rest of the zoo seeing the zoo’s collection of over 500 rare and exotic animals including rare and endangered species such as the Komodo dragon, Sumatran Tiger, and Orangutan. Bali Zoo’s Elephant Mud Fun experience is designed to enlighten the behavior of these magnificent mammals and also leave a fulfilled having participated in one of the most unique outdoor adventures in Bali.

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