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Leading associations calling for stronger partnerships to counter threats to aviation

Leading associations calling for stronger partnerships to counter threats to aviation

MedAire and Control Risks released a joint position paper on best practices to proactively prepare for – and mitigate – risks within the aviation industry.

The paper, A Holistic Approach: Insight, Preparedness and Assistance, proposes that aviation organisations incorporate these three critical elements to best secure their resources, operations and people.

The paper supports calls from leading industry associations, including IATA and ICAO, calling for stronger partnerships between industry stakeholders to develop measures to counter threats to aviation.

The three elements featured in the paper are core to an integrated approach to aviation security; accounting for the complex interdependencies among aviation stakeholders.

Danny Spender, Associate Director of Security Risk Consulting and Aviation at Control Risks:

“As aviation organisations expand routes to meet increasing demand; the number, type and complexity of these stakeholder relationships will grow exponentially. All of these stakeholders and their security initiatives are interdependent. Remove, marginalize, or neglect one component and the system falters.”

A Holistic Approach defines Insight as the process a company undergoes to fully understand their operations and business needs in a volatile, complex and/or uncertain environment. Preparedness is the application of appropriate mitigation efforts to ensure vulnerabilities are minimized or, best case scenario, eliminated. Assistance is centered on supporting their people during security breaches and/or incidents.

John Cauthen, Aviation Security Director at MedAire:

“Real world issues need real world support. At the core of all aviation operations are people. Flight departments must have processes in place, as part of their aviation security programs, to mitigate and respond to risks affecting their people and operations.”

MedAire has assisted the aviation industry for more than 30 years. Today, they work with more than 150 airlines and support business flight departments around the world. With their partner, Control Risks, MedAire provides services to enhance aviation security insight, preparedness and assistance.

Download the paper here


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