Airline recommends Sapporo for parents


Which is the best travel destination for parents? According to many Korean Air cabin crew, it’s Sapporo in Japan.

The carrier recently conducted a survey on its 2,917 flight attendants in April ahead of Parents’ Day, which fell Thursday, to give tips to people who plan to offer trips to their parents as a Parents’ Day gift.

Sapporo, with its beautiful scenery and places where visitors can enjoy hot springs, gained the largest votes from 455 crewmembers, or 16.2 percent of the total. The destination is especially recommended for elderly parents, as there is no time difference between Korea and Japan and they need not worry about jet lag.

The Japanese city was followed by Bangkok in Thailand, one of the world’s most popular resort destinations where beautiful scenery and various activities are available, with 425 votes; and Hawaii, America’s representative resort island, with 366.

Others voted for Zurich in Switzerland; Sydney in Australia; Rome in Italy; Auckland in New Zealand; Las Vegas in the United States; Fukuoka in Japan; and Bali in Indonesia.

For a family trip with children, the Korean Air crew selected Rome, with 565 recommendations. They said the Italian city has historic relics from which children can learn a lot. Paris, with its wonderful food and home to one of the world’s most renowned museums the Louvre, followed the ranking, with 338 votes.

Other recommended family trip destinations are: Guam, Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Cairo, Fiji, Prague and London.

When you want to travel alone, Paris is the best choice, the surveyed crewmembers said. The second and third best destinations for solitary travel they said are Hawaii and Zurich.

For solo travel, they preferred either destinations which have many exotic things to do, see or experience, or destinations where one can relax at the beach or in the mountains. Fiji, Brisbane and Las Vegas were also listed.

For the street that must not be missed even during a short business trip or a package tour, Avenue des Champs-Elysees was picked. If you can take just one picture around the world, you should take a photo of Jungfrau peak in Zurich, the flight attendants said.

“Korean Air’s cabin attendants have an expert-level knowledge in overseas travel as they fly to 111 cities in 36 countries. We hope the survey will help people who prepare for overseas trips,” a Korean Air official said.