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Thailand visa on arrival makes travel to the country smoother


The Thailand visa on arrival online or Thai eVOA was launched in November 2018 to make it easier for foreign travelers to visit the country. Since it was released, the electronic visa on arrival system has continued to improve its processes and it is having a positive impact at ports of entry in Thailand. Starting Feb. 14, changes to the Thailand on arrival visa system will make it even more efficient and quicker to travel and visit the Land of Smiles.

The goal of the eVOA for Thailand was to simplify the process of obtaining a visa. Another objective was to diminish the waiting times for border control upon arrival in the country. With the new improved system, travelers can save up to two hours. In the past, foreign visitors would have to go through long queues to get their visa and enter Thailand. While it is still possible to get a visa on arrival at a port of entry in Thailand, applying online will save the traveler a lot of time and hassle.

With the launch of the Thailand visa on arrival, citizens of 21 countries can quickly complete an online application form with their personal details and passport data. Applicants have up to 24 hours before their trip to submit an eVOA form.

The Thailand visa on arrival means that pre-authorized travel is applicable to Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueng airports in Bangkok, as well as at Phuket and Chiang Mai airports. Travelers simply need to make sure that their eVOA for Thailand was approved.

It should be noted, however, that eligible citizens still need to meet a few requirements to enter Thailand. Holders of a valid Thailand eVOA must have a passport with at least 30 days validity, a return ticket, sufficient funds to cover the costs of their trip, and a verifiable address for their stay in the country. All foreign visitors must go through a border and immigration check to enter the country. The advantage of already having the Thailand on arrival visa is that the immigration control runs more smoothly.

Thailand earned the name of Land of Smiles for its kind-hearted people and their hospitality. Tourism has grown exponentially in the last few decades. According to United Nations World Tourism Organization figures, Thailand welcomed over 35.4 million visitors in 2017 alone. In fact, Thailand is the 10th most visited country in the world. The tourism industry contributed with 97 billion USD to the economy that same year. The Thailand visa on arrival is aligned with the government’s goal to drive even more tourism to the country.

The Southeast Asian nation is open, warm, kind and has much to offer to foreign visitors. From its glittering temples, to the chaotic capital, to the tropical beaches, to the animal reserves, Thailand wins hearts each passing day. Bangkok alone has dozens of activities, landmarks, restaurants and rooftop bars worth discovering. There’s an abundance of natural riches and a wide range of accommodation possibilities all around the country. Thailand can be enjoyed by both the backpacker and the jetsetter.

The Thailand visa on arrival can be obtained up to 24 hours before the trip. Eligible travelers will save time and their arrival will be smoother and quicker.

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