All-inclusive cruise holidays are cost-effective


All-inclusive cruise holidays can be extremely “cost-effective” one industry expert has said this week.

The Co-operative Travel, which is the UK’s largest independent holiday retailer, claims that there are still plenty of good deals to be had with cruises and there is a misconception that these types of breaks are for those with a lot of money to spend.

“Often…an all-inclusive package…can be very cost-effective – particularly for families,” said Trevor Davis of The Co-operative Travel.

He continued: “I think when you consider the combination of things in terms of you not having to pay extra for the facilities that are there … you’re getting a very good fixed-price holiday for your money. I think that appeals at the moment.”

Mr Davis added that the Holiday market is “holding up quite well” in the face of the recent credit crunch, which has pulled on the purse strings of some families.

In April this year, The Co-operative Travel reported that cruise holiday bookings from families has increased by 31 per cent, with this type of holidaymaker accounting for one in ten of all cruise passengers.