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Win $2,000 to plan a trip around the world

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One globetrotter’s dream trip will come true if named the winner of an online travel competition. The winner will earn $2,000 in airline credits to put towards the trip of their own design.

Applicants will plan a multi-stop trip around the world and share why they should be chosen in a short essay in a contest designed by SkySurf.Travel, a flight booking site that helps price-conscious travelers find affordable flights to anywhere in the world.

“We’ve proven to our customers that they can see the world without spending their entire savings,” noted Gregory Rzeczko, CEO and Founder of SkySurf.Travel, “Now we’re taking it one step further. We want to show everyone that they can build an adventure that seems out of reach using the tools we offer, and make it happen.”

To apply, interested parties can head to SkySurf.Travel and plan a two-month itinerary with at least eight stops for under $2,000. In addition to the itinerary, applicants must submit a short essay (under 3,000 words), and a brief video submission (under one minute) detailing why they should be chosen. Any blogging, vlogging, or photography experience should be highlighted in the submission, and will be considered when choosing the right person for the job. The selected candidate will document their pilgrimage through blogs, vlogs, and Instagram.

Due to the social sharing nature of the job, applicants must be able to write using the English language and must be over the age of 18. Qualified candidates must have or create an Upwork account to apply via the freelancing website. The chosen applicant will be contracted and paid through eight milestones – one for each stop on the itinerary. In return, the chosen freelancer will share their adventure through (24) 800-word blog posts, vlogs, and Instagram stories about the local food, culture, nightlife, nature, transportation, and budgeting tips. The entire adventure will be featured on the SkySurf.Travel blog.

Rzeczko added: “The great thing about our tools is that people can plan trips across the globe for super cheap. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get applicants for two-month excursions planned for $600 or less. Then, our blogger can use the rest of the cash on accommodations, food… or whatever they’d like. I’m also happy to help the right applicant create the ultimate, cheap itinerary that will help them get the most out of their paycheck.”

All applications should be submitted before March 31. Itineraries should begin with a departure date no later than May 24, 2019.

To plan an itinerary: Visit SkySurf.Travel

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