Bahrain to be sea linked with Qatar


Bahrain (eTN) – Bahrain will be connected with a sea bridge with yet another Gulf country–Qatar. When finished, the Bahrain-Qatar link will have the world’s longest bridge with span of 40kms The Qatar-Bahrain Causeway, as it has been named, will reduce the time of travel between the two states from the present five hours, via Saudi Arabia, to about 30 minutes.

The Bahrain-Qatar causeway project is set to begin next year and is expected to be completed in four years. “The $3 billion causeway will have two lanes and one for emergency. The causeway is ready for electric grid and oil pipe connections,” Bahrain officials said.

This longest fixed link in the world, known as the Friendship Causeway, is expected to boost the trade exchange of both countries and help promote tourism. According to Bahrain officials, construction on the bridge will begin after nine months of studies on the project have been carried out. “Some 12,000 vehicles will be able to travel daily between Bahrain and Qatar when it is completed.”

Currently, The King Fahd Causeway, a 25-kilometer long, four-lane highway crossing the Arabian Gulf, links Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in southern Louisiana currently is the world’s longest fixed bridge is measuring 38.4 kms.