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Belgian capital prepares for Brussels, dance!

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Between 6 February and 6 April, dance, in all its diversity and vitality, will take center stage in Brussels!

For its fourth edition, Brussels, dance! will once again put contemporary choreography in the spotlight.

Brussels attracts creative professionals from Belgium and elsewhere who come to take advantage of the effervescence of a lively, inventive and exciting capital where dance talent can meet and produce.

Fourteen cultural sites are exchanging and pooling their programming under the label Brussels, dance! to provide greater visibility for the contemporary dance being done today and to show its richness and diversity.

Brussels, dance! makes Brussels shine and encourages audiences to enter sites that are sometimes unknown to them, by encouraging spectators and artists to move around.

This year, 14 cultural centres will bring together their programs under the label ‘Brussels, dance!’

Beursschouwburg, Charleroi danse / La Raffinerie, Contredanse, Garage 29, Kaaitheater, KVS, L’L, Balsamine, La Bellone, le 140, Le Jacques Franck, Les Brigittines, Les Halles de Schaerbeek and Théâtre National illustrate the richness and diversity of the Brussels dance scene and make their audiences an open and bold offer.

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