Arab tourists big spenders; British, Russian tourists frugal


A study published in a Turkish-language magazine on travel and hotel management suggests that German and Arab tourists visiting Turkey tend to spend significant sums while Russian, British and Spanish tourists tend to spend less.

Travel and Hotel Management magazine published a study on the expenditure trends of tourists who vacation in Turkey in this month’s edition. The study reveals that tourists from North America, Germany and Arab countries do a lot of shopping and thus spend a lot whereas tourists from Britain, Russia, Spain and Israel spend comparatively less.
According to the study, North American tourists prefer to stay at five-star hotels and like to shop during their holidays in Turkey. They buy higher priced items like carpets and tend to tip shop owners and restaurant staff.

Tourists from Canada and Australia also like to shop while in Turkey, similar to tourists from the States, and tend to consume wine and higher priced liquors during their holidays.

The study revealed that German tourists also like high-priced items and tend to tip the people serving them.

Arab tourists, who are famous for their high-spending shopping habits, tend to purchase jewels.

Tourists from Britain, however, also like to stay at five-star hotels but tend to give lower tips. In addition they don’t do as much shopping and thus do not spend as much money.

The study also suggests that Russians and Spanish are among the stingier group that does not tip very much.