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Hawaii hotels: Flat growth

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Hawaii hotels statewide reported no growth in revenue per available room (RevPAR)

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The Tourism Research Division of the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) issued findings utilizing data compiled by STR, Inc., which conducts surveys of hotel properties in the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii hotels statewide reported no growth in revenue per available room (RevPAR), modest growth in average daily rate (ADR) and a decrease in occupancy in November 2018.

According to the Hawaii Hotel Performance Report released today by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), RevPAR was flat at $190 (-0.2%), ADR rose to $251 (+3.4%), and occupancy declined to 75.8 percent (-2.7 percentage points) in November compared to a year ago (Figure 1).

Year-to-date through the first 11 months of 2018, hotel properties statewide averaged RevPAR of $219 (+5.1%), ADR of $273 (+5.4%) and occupancy of 80.1 percent (-0.2 percentage points) versus the same period from 2017 (Figure 2).

Most price classes reported RevPAR growth statewide in November, with increases in ADR offsetting lower occupancies. Luxury Class hotels earned RevPAR of $358 (+2.9%), with ADR of $491 (+5.1%) and occupancy of 72.9 percent (-1.6 percentage points). Upscale Class hotels was the only price class to avoid a year-over-year decline in any of the three categories in November, reporting RevPAR of $139 (+5.5%), ADR of $191 (+5.4%) and occupancy of 72.5 percent (+0.1 percentage points).

Among the four counties, hotel properties on Kauai led the state in growth of RevPAR of 8.3 percent to $180 in November, as a 10.9 percent increase in ADR to $257 offset a decrease in occupancy of 70.0 percent (-1.6 percentage points).

Maui County hotel properties led the state in overall RevPAR of $247 in November (+4.3%), with an increase in ADR to $335 (+6.4%) offsetting lower occupancy of 73.6 percent (-1.5 percentage points).

The resort regions of Wailea and Lahaina-Kaanapali-Kapalua on the island of Maui both reported RevPAR increases in November. Wailea hotels led the state’s resort regions in November reporting increases in RevPAR to $431 (+5.2%), ADR to $499 (+2.1%), and occupancy of 86.4% (+2.6 percentage points). Hotels in the Lahaina-Kaanapali-Kapalua resort region reported an increase in RevPAR to $200 (+3.5%), which was driven by growth in ADR to $282 (+9.5%) to offset a decline in occupancy of 70.9 percent (-4.1 percentage points).

Oahu hotel properties reported decreases in all three categories in November, as RevPAR dropped to $174 (-3.2%) due to flat ADR of $219 (-0.2%) combined with lower occupancy of 79.4 percent (-2.5% percentage points). Hotels in Waikiki reported similar results, with RevPAR of $171 (-4.4%), ADR of $215 (-0.2%) and occupancy of 79.6 percent (-3.5 percentage points).

Hotel properties on the island of Hawaii reported a decline in RevPAR to $160 (-5.0%) in November, as growth in ADR to $238 (+4.4%) was offset by decreased occupancy of 67.2% percent (-6.6 percentage points). Notably, the Kohala Coast resort region, which had reported drops in RevPAR in each month from June through October, saw RevPAR increase slightly to $233 (+0.6%) in November, as higher ADR of $341 (+2.5%) balanced a decrease in occupancy to 68.3 percent (-1.2 percentage points).

Tables of hotel performance statistics, including data presented in the news release are available for viewing online.

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