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The very first luxury travel enterprise in Vietnam is going to IPO.

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The very first luxury travel enterprise in Vietnam is going to IPO. An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a stock market launch of a type of public offering in which shares of a company are sold to investors.

According to the development strategy of Lux Group, the company has been growing robustly with 20 years of experience when operating in the fields of tourism and accommodation. Featuring top-class services in traveling, culinary, hotels and fancy sea cruises, Lux Group is firmly advancing to become one of the top enterprises in Asia.

Originating as a tour operator, specialized in providing exclusive and authentic experiences to high-end travelers in Vietnam named the Luxury Travel Co., Ltd., the Lux Group now possesses a diverse range of brands from cruises, accommodations, real estate, resorts, cuisine, media and press, tourism human resource, transportation and art etc. The Luxers’ army today is an organization of more than 200 employees with representative offices globally and has achieved a number of valuable achievements and rewards in tourism sector.

In addition, oceanic tourism service has made its footprint within the domestic and global market. The products of Lux Group have been mentioned by top tourism and business magazines and media publications.

Within the last 3 years, the enterprise launched two exclusive 5-star Emperor Cruises in Nha Trang Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. According to the plan, in May 2019, the third cruise of Lux Group Heritage Cruises will be launched, which is an experience of culture and history in Cat Ba Island and Hai Phong, with an attempt to offer authentic and exclusive experiences to the customers in the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin. In the future, it is expected to provide a north to south Vietnam trip by cruise.

Along with its continuous strengthening attempt in position and growth in both the domestic and international tourism markets, Lux Group is calling and searching for investment projects to further develop within its operation sectors.

Pham Ha, President of Lux Group shared that “Our strategy is to capitalize by IPO Luxury Travel, then seeking investment opportunities in mergers and acquisitions. Those companies will operate independently, under the vision, mission and financial sponsorship of the Lux Group.”

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