Hotels, Tourism Minister works in Caxito


Angola’s Hotels and Tourism minister, Eduardo jonatão Chingunji, worked on Monday in Caxito City, the capital of the northern Bengo Province, to assess the level of functioning of infrastructures that will accommodate tourists during the 2010 African Cup of Nations (CAN) in football.

In Caxito, Eduardo Chingunji, who met governor Jorge Dombolo, said CAN 2010 that the country is to host, requires the local governments to have land plots for the construction of hotels and guest houses, to accommodate national and foreign tourists, during the competition.

He announced the construction in Bengo Province of a school complex for the training of technicians in the areas of hotels and tourism.

Tourism is a sector that can provide jobs for many families and reduce poverty within families.

“Tourism is a sector that can rapidly employ many citizens and take the population out of low level of poverty”, he said.

The sector will also invest on the construction of a higher hotels and catering school in the provinces of Bengo, Bie and Luanda, in the ambit of a programme being carried out by the Tourism Ministry for its staff.

In Caxito, the minister visited the provincial managing board of the departments of industry, commerce, hotels and tourism, the site where it will be built a hotel school, Bengo Hotel, Ulua lagoon, and Vissapa II guest house.