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Your destination is set, be it for holiday, leisure or work. Hotels – check, itinerary- check, must visit spots – check, can’t-miss diners and dives – check. You are all set for your dream trip – but wait. Who is driving? When it comes to the long drive, most of us like to distance ourselves from the car key. People prefer to be driven rather than being fatigued by what is called the driver’s stress.

Shortfalls of long-distance travel:

Long distance driving is a complex task that challenges your mental and physical state to its extreme. The driver needs to ensure zero cognitive distraction and maintain calm all through the journey. Vigilance and consistent presence of mind are two important aspects that long distance driving demands the most. Per research conducted by Brake, a road safety charity organization, stress and anger caused 71% of drivers to lose concentration. It is essential that drivers engaging in long-distance are calm, composed, not struck by any form of anxiety, and most importantly professional.

Is there a solution?

The obvious solution that strikes your mind is to hire a rental car or self-driven rental car at the destination. Such rentals can be very expensive when you keep the car for a longer period, coupled with seasonal price surcharge. You are not sure of the condition of the hired car which could further stress you every time you drive to a remote destination.

But there is an alternate solution..

Ever thought of the idea of visiting a destination, be it for holiday or work, and getting to drive your own car upon reaching the destination or airport? Too real to be true? Let me introduce you to Snowbird Driveway Service – a professional driveway service operating to-and-fro from Canada and east and west coasts of the United States. Professional drivers pick-up and drop-off your car based on a predetermined date, time and location. Someone flying from Toronto to Florida can literally hand over the car at Pearson International Airport and receive it at Miami or Orlando International Airport. You save money at every front, be it one-way transfer to or out of the airport, the extra luggage fare that the airline would have charged you, and most importantly the cost of renting a Hertz.

Benefits of driveway services:

  • Cost effective – the landing cost of driveaway service is directly proportional to the number of days you stay at the destination. The longer you stay, the more you save compared to hiring a self-driven car. Also, you save money on airport transfers.
  • Reliability – you know your car in and out. When travelling to remote destinations, having your own car is more reliable because you know it’s condition, and how much it can push-to under a given circumstance. You may be uncomfortable traveling to a remote destination with a car of whose performance and condition you are unsure of.
  • Travel heavy without the limitations imposed by airliners – extra luggage surcharges are a pain to all of us, irrespective of the amount and our paying capacity. Its like money going down the drain. With a driveaway service, you could load your boot and even the back seat with optimal luggage. This could save you hundreds of dollars. Remember a dollar saved is a dollar earned.
  • More efficient compared to trucking service – trucking services will have multiple pitstops and delivery addresses all through the journey. This could delay delivery of your car. When on a holiday, delays hurt the most because you want the best and the most out of your time. Transporting a car in a truck from Toronto to Florida could cost around $1,300 with delivery time of over a week. A driveaway service on the other hand could cost a maximum of $800.
  • It’s good for your car – winters are not great for cars. Leaving your car to battle the snow and chills if winters while you are enjoying the warmer climate of Florida or California is not a great idea. The car will go down in terms of efficiency, and the first casualty will be the battery. It can also serve as temporary home to rodents and reptiles.

What does the law state?

Registered driveaway service providers are best suited to import your vehicle to the US, and will ensure all necessary due diligence is done before signing the agreement. From a legality perspective car from Canada can drive freely across the US for an year, provided it meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards. The car needs to have a clean undercarriage as the US Department of Agriculture requires that all imported vehicles be free of foreign soil.

What is the importance of Driveaway Service?

Holidays are fun and why not? after all it’s time to pack your bags and head out to your favorite destination or meet a long distant relative or friend. To have your own car at your holiday destination is like cherry-topping your favorite ice-cream. It gives you the sense of reliability, comfort and most importantly peace of mind.

Until now I touched upon various factors associated with driveaway services and listed down a series of advantages that are associated with the service. Let me now refocus on the intangible benefit, yet the most compelling reason to avail such services – STRESS. Driving is fun but can be very stressful to the extent of jeopardizing the purpose of your holiday/visit. You and I are experienced drivers, but surely not close enough to the expertise acquired or possessed by a professional driver.

Assume you are driving at a modest 55 miles/hour speed on a highway, and you get a text message. Given our inquisitive nature we may want to see/respond to the text, which could take less than 5 seconds for typing and sending a prompt response such as “Ok” or “Fine” or “See you”. A quick calculation of that 5 seconds at 55 miles/hour turns to be 400 feet of distance covered. Long enough for a great deal to happen. This is where the resilience and temperament of a professional driver comes to play. Professionals are trained to resist such temptation and deliver to suit the best interest of the client(s).


Driveaway services are safe and operated by credible companies that hire professional drivers to ensure that your car and holiday plans are intact. They help to make your holidays or visits memorable with your very own trusted car, sans the stress of long-drive. Is it not what holidays are meant to be? If your answer is a strong YES, Driveaway services is my recommendation for you. Happy holidaying!

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