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New Havana LGBTQ Pride Celebration Tour marks historic changes to Cuban constitution


A Miami-based travel agency specializing in customized experiences of Cuba, is launching an exciting new tour for 2019: the Havana LGBTQ Pride Celebration tour. The five-day trip will coincide with Havana’s Pride Parade and will include numerous opportunities to socialize and work with renowned activists in the local LGBTQ rights movement.

“It was important to us to craft an itinerary that not only captured the joy of the Havana Pride Parade but offered insights into the incredible work being done here to advance the cause of LGBTQ rights,” says Yaima Sanchez, Co-Founder, and COO of Cuba VIP Travel. “That’s why it’s such a great honor that we’ll be collaborating with some of the most prominent names in Cuba’s LGBTQ community, including individual activists as well as organizations, all of them playing key roles in the vital push for rights. These are the people changing the LGBTQ landscape across Cuba, and we’re so proud to be able to invite our customers to be part of that.”

The new tour has been designed as a celebratory response to the landmark announcement earlier this year that the Cuban National Assembly was backing a constitutional change that will, for the first time, allow same-sex marriage in the country. Through a carefully curated series of experiences, the tour will offer customers a snapshot of Havana’s LGBTQ scene at this crucial moment in history.

This tour will be the company’s first foray into tours specifically created with LGBTQ travelers in mind.

Yaima Sanchez, Cuba VIP Travel’s Vice President of Operations, is enthusiastic about the new addition to the company’s roster of tours. “This is a hugely exciting time for Cuba’s LGBTQ community, with social change happening at a tremendous pace and political support for LGBTQ rights constantly on the rise,” she says. “Havana is at the heart of these changes. We knew we needed to create a travel experience that truly revealed the soul of the LGBTQ movement in this remarkable city, while also giving something back, in terms of funding, to the local organizations we admire. We feel satisfied that we’ve managed to achieve those aims, and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from our customers.”

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