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How to look magnificent while traveling: The Indie Beauty Expo


Get in Line.

If you have even the slightest interest in your FACE and BODY – this is a show to add to your calendar. While geared toward the professional makeup artist, there are so many things that the consumer does not know about looking good and smelling even better. The Expo is truly a learning experience as it introduces pro-driven brands, services, celebrity artists, educators, beauty insiders and products that can be purchased at pro-discounts.

Hotel, travel and tourism industry buyers and designers should attend the event and discover the latest lines and most important products from gold eye shadow to radiant hazelnut bella contact lenses to Russian Bear weight gainer that will be of interest to their guests.

Best of Show (definitely my opinion)

These Products should be in hotel rooms, airline business/first class gift bags, economy class passengers (in sample sizes), exercise club men’s /women’s locker rooms, spas, and all other areas where people are in transit and welcome distractions that not only smell good but are good for you.

Kanya Luxury Oils (Doing Good by Being Good)

If your chakras are out of whack and your entire systems is off-kilter, these essential oils will help to rebalance your attitude toward life. Kanya is Sanskrit for “girl” and indicates youth, innocence and purity. Yoga inspired and created with natural ingredients in small batches every inch of skin and every sense will be invigorated. Currently available at the Four Seasons and the NY Surrey hotels, plus luxury spas and resorts across the USA, keeping these oils and salts in your travel case will help ease the anxiety of exposure to the bad air and stress associated with international airports, airlines, hotels without access to the outdoor air.

An added bonus: Kanya supports global charities that provide education and wellbeing to girls in emerging countries.


The product name is derived from the Polish word for bow or loop (Kokarda) and inspired by the rotation of an airplane propeller, and not surprising, he product line is designed for “people on the go.”

Started in 2013, Cotarde is a product dedicated to airline pilots and frequent travelers. The line offers skincare for people exposed to very dry air (like flying in airplanes), frequently changing time zones and weather that can wreak havoc to skin.

Product research is conducted on pilots and jet-setters who travel internationally. The dynamic partnership for Cotarde includes Dr. Danuta Dudek (researcher and skincare expert) and Victor Pellon (MBA, MSc), a graduate of MIT, and professional pilot.

Aroms Natur Skincare

Catalunya, Spain is the birthplace for Aroms where, 40 years ago, the women in the family began to blend botany and aromatherapy. The holistic approach to skin and body care evolved and today the company is committed to helping women feel confident and beautiful. There are many benefits from using 100 percent natural and toxin-free products and they offer a positive path to wellbeing.

The Aroms blog recommends using Love Your Breasts massage oil daily after a shower to improve tone and texture while adding firmness. The product is formulated for the nourishment and health of beautiful breasts.


Men and women are tweezer challenged and shaping eyebrows can be time-consuming and painful. To make matters even worse, removing one hair too many can destroy the perfect shape. Removing the very fine hairs – may never happen. Andmetics solves the problem by offering a patented wax strip that quickly pulls off and presents the perfect shape.

The company was started by Andrea Lehner who finds that the eyebrow gives shape and contour to the face and the perfect brow is essential for professional and appealing face. In 2 minutes the andmetics strops remove all hairs to their roots. The removed hairs do grow back – approximately one month later.

Kryolan Professional Makeup

For anyone who uses makeup – this is a brand that should be on speed dial. Kryolan supplies professionals in the film, theater and television industry with product for over 70 years. The company offers over 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories. Company chemists develop new products from headquarters in Berlin and have created and perfected 750 color-intensive shades and available in over 80 countries. One of the most recent products includes Dermacolor for clinical dermatologists. The good news is that the products are not tested on animals.

Because of the industry focus, Kryolan products last and look good – even under HD lighting and filming conditions. The formulas are highly pigmented and color intense. They are able to guarantee color continuity and offer high degrees of product safety and reliability


Daily skincare is essential and perhaps one of the easiest ways to ensure the feeling of confidence. Marinella products are made with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

Amour New York

Amour New York is a company that offers a high-quality line of Certified Original Israeli Dead Sea Face, Body and Hari Care Products for men and women. The products are derived from naturally occurring minerals and salts found in the Dead Sea. Manufactured in Israel in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO manufacturing facility, guaranteeing high levels of quality control and product quality. The products follow strict guidelines developed by the Israeli Ministry of Healthy and the US FDA. The entire line is 100 percent cruelty-free and certified by Leaping Bunny and PeTA.

The Hemp & Gold Deep Cleansing Gel includes Dead Sea Minerals, Hemp Oil (including Omega 3, 6; Aloe Vera, Rosemary Leaf Extract and crushed seeds. The Diamond Nourishing Night Cream includes Diamond Powder, Dead Sea Minerals, natural oils and herbal extracts including Jojoba Oil. Avocado Oil Shea Butter, Lavender and Aloe Vera Extract as well as Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5.

Raw Spirit Fragrances

The brand has been inspired by Australian photographer Russell James’ collaborative art project, “Nomad Two Worlds,” that explored the intersection between ancient and modern cultures, celebrating the richness of indigenous and marginalized communities. It is a socially-conscious enterprise and is a collaborative endeavor that works in the space that links philanthropy and the private sector.

Raw Spirit is a collaboration with artist Dr. Richard Walley and spokesperson for Western Australia’s Nyoogar people and provided its first fragrance oil, Free Tree, inspired by 20,000 years of indigenous knowledge of the fire tree’s unique qualities. The company also works with farming communities in Haiti, sustainable sourcing premium Haitian Vetiver. The company is also engaged with Essential Oils of Tasmania, the fragrance house of Firmenich.


The organization offers medical grade skincare made with non-toxic ingredients. According to the company, all products contain Aquabeautine XL, an enzyme released by salmon fry at the time of hatching. The active ingredient provides the same benefits as glycolic acid without the abrasive side effects.  It is the only exfoliator that cleaves only the dead skin cells, leaving living, healthy skin cells untouched. The company technology is based on science and supported by third party clinical studies that are published in medical journals

Haleys Beauty

A new entry in the beauty/cosmetic industry, Haleys mission is to create makeup products that focus on treating the complexion. The product formulas use skin-friendly non-irritating ingredients and do not include parabens, sulfates, phthalates or fragrances and are vegan and cruelty-free. The company partners with PeTA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program and pledges never to test on animals or use animal derived ingredients.

The primer creates a silky-smooth surface for the application of the foundation. It is blended with vitamins and botanical extracts and aids in extending the longevity of the foundation. It is appropriate for all skin tones and different skin types.

The liquid foundation offers a matte finish and delivers a double dose of pigment hiding skin imperfections. It also includes an antioxidant that nourishes, smooths and protects the skin from the environment.

Dr. Macrene

Developed by Macrene Alexides (MD, PhD, and FAAD) who holds three degrees from Harvard University including a BA, MD and a PhD in Genetics, Alexides was a Fulbright Scholar with a research award in Europe. In addition, she is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and is Double Board Certified in Dermatology in the European Union and the US.

Dr. Alexiades has been associated with L’Oreal, Paris and created her own skincare research company, NY Derm LLC. She is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital, Yale/New Haven Hospital and Yale/West Haven VA Hospital. The focus of her practice is on topical dermatologic anti-cancer and anti-aging therapies, laser technology and skin rejuvenation.

“37” includes plant derived organic ingredients (i.e., organic coffee, Yerba Mate tea, Feverfew, Ginkgo Bilobolol, Milk Thistle, glycerin and lecithin), and is presented in re-cyclable glass and paperboard packaging that is made in the USA from US sourced ingredients. “37” does not use parabens, plastics, phthalates, sulfates, propylene glycol, fragrance, animal or human ingredients and it not tested on animals.

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