Business owners will explore alternatives to airline travel with the Cessna Aircraft Company


Ypsilanti, MI – Rising airfares, crowded terminals and planes and lost luggage . . . many business owners are looking for a better way to travel, and many are taking to the skies and becoming private pilots.

According to the General Aviation Manufacturing Association (GAMA), the production of general aviation aircraft has tripled since 1994 and many of these planes are owned by small business owners who are looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

“We plan to bring in the experts on May 13th to the Willow Run Airport so business owners can learn how an airplane can benefit them in their business,” remarked Pat Redmond, Sales Manager for Suburban Aviation, Inc. “We also plan to display several of Cessna‚Äôs airplanes including the new Cessna 400 and the Cessna Mustang light jet.”

Since the events of September 11, 2001, airline travel has significantly changed and frustration for travelers has increased. The Cessna sponsored event at the Willow Run Airport is designed to show business owners a roadmap to taking control of their personal and business transportation. Experts will be on hand from Cessna Aircraft, Cessna Finance, and several Cessna Pilot Centers as well as tax planning and insurance specialists.

The event will take place at the Eagle Flight Center on the Willow Run Airport on May 13th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. There is no charge to attend, however registration is required.

“We find that business owners call on us to help them work more effectively, but then learn that traveling for business can really be enjoyable,” stated Redmond.