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Trade fairs present challenges to even the most experienced business travelers. For example, the local transport between airport, fair, and hotel itself can give even the most experienced travelers a headache. Often the venue area or the local language is unfamiliar. The transportation capacities can be limited or completely exhausted at times of big trade fairs. So, how can a traveler best manage local transportation when relying on taxi, shuttle, or chauffeur services?

It is important to note some of the subtle differences between the various “taxi-services” – the regular taxi, on-demand private hired vehicles, and fixed-price transfer services. In the case of fixed-price offers, the contract of carriage is concluded in the mediation of the ordering process. Waiting times, delays, and cancellations are fixed in advance. For a regular taxi ride or on-demand private hired vehicles, the contract is established when boarding the taxi, also when the trip is pre-booked.

When you are quite certain about the where and when of a taxi trip, a fixed-price transfer service has the advantage that a vehicle is reserved for you. Typically, the service includes some free waiting time to give flexibility during the pick-up. The waiting time can be further extended, but then it comes at an additional cost. Especially if you have specific transportation needs, like for example you require a van or want to be picked up at an indoor meeting point such as the airport or a hotel lobby, the fixed-price transportation services can save you hassles and uncertainties.

The downside of the fixed-price rides is the fact that the transportation commitment goes both ways. Meaning, it can be canceled or changed for free only until a certain period of time before the scheduled pick-up. Depending on the service class, the free cancelation period can be as little as one to two hours or as much as a few weeks. So, when full flexibility on your schedule is required, on-demand private hired vehicles or a regulated taxi are your better choice. Please note that in many countries, private hired vehicles are excluded from servicing on-demand requests, though.

In order to navigate the various types of services a booking platform such as BetterTaxi can offer guidance on a trip-by-trip basis. Expense reporting can be made easier when online payment and billing functions are offered versus collecting individual invoices with the various providers. When planning a number of trips or larger groups, a registration or an Event-Service can be helpful.

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