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As of yesterday, five nightlife venues in Barcelona became the first in Europe to achieve the “Triple Excellence in Nightlife”, the highest distinction currently existing internationally for what the nightlife sector is concerned. The distinguished venues are Pacha Barcelona, Shôko Barcelona, Carpe Diem Lounge Club, IceBarcelona and Opium Mar, which are located on the city Beachfront. Up to now, only Cavalli Club Dubai had achieved this maximum nightlife distinction.

This remarkable achievement includes the safety seal “International Nightlife Safety Certified” (INSC), the acoustic quality seal “International Nightlife Acoustic Quality” (INAQ), which they had already obtained last April, and the seal of quality of service “International Nightlife Quality Service” (INQS) having obtained the latter yesterday. The implementation of these distinctions make up the “Triple Excellence” and entails substantial improvements in the offer of the premises that obtain them in all their areas.

The five certified venues are Gold Members of the International Nightlife Association, and have passed the three certifications with great firmness, showing a great commitment to safety, quality and excellence. The three seals require a study and an exhaustive audit and, consequently, its implementation supposes a great improvement for its users and for tourism. In addition, a series of conclusions, recommendations and evaluations are extracted from the audit and inspections carried out to obtain the badges, which allow the premises submitted to them to improve their service.

As previously mentioned, these five venues had previously achieved the “Double Excellence in Nightlife” distinction, a distinction that other Barcelona venues (Otto Zutz, Bestial and Agua) also achieved. This double distinction is composed of the INSC safety badge and the INAQ acoustic one. The first one requires the club to have a breathalyzer, cardiac resuscitators, a metal detector, a protocol to avoid sexual harassment, and that all its personnel have taken a practical course on safety, among other requirements related to safety. The second, obliges the venue to adopt measures to protect the hearing health of customers and workers, as well as to protect the rest of the neighbors and by requiring them to have a sound limiter, among other measures.

The five distinguished venues, have had to implement a third certification, in regards to the quality of service (International Nightlife Quality Service) allowing them to access the “Triple Excellence”. This third seal analyzes all the staff of the premises and all the services offered by the venue to its clients and not only in its facilities, but also evaluates its parking, accesses, staff and their professionalism and presence, the VIP area, community management, internet reservations, staff clothing, speed and quality service, cleanliness, comfort, kindness, treatment etc … Furthermore, the venue’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is also highly valued as well as The United Nations Developmental goals, which include, among other objectives, gender equality, access to work for disabled people, recycling and adequate working conditions. These requirements are enforced since the International Nightlife Association is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The “Triple Excellence in Nightlife” guarantees the client that the place they are visiting is committed to the safety of its users and quality, which is very valuable when it comes to nightclubs in different parts of the world. It also ensures that the personnel working in the facilities have the level of quality that the visitor deserves.

This threefold international distinction is taken into account in regards to the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs” that the International Nightlife Association publishes annually. This year it will be published in Bogotá (Colombia) next Tuesday, November 14 in the framework of the 5th International Nightlife Congress and the 5th Edition of Expobar.

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