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New “Keep NYC Trash Free” posters amuse New York tourists, irk Trumpers

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Signs, resembling Sanitation Department posters, depicting Trump-supporting middle-Americans as “trash,” have appeared across New York City.

One of the posters in the series depicts an overweight ‘redneck’ type, arm tattooed with a Confederate flag, wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and slurping from a Chick-fil-A cup.

The other features his female counterpart holding a bible. Both are crossed out and accompanied by the text “Keep NYC Trash Free.”

The posters appeared earlier this week and already became quite a draw for both the tourists, and the locals. The artist responsible, Winston Tseng, is a designer who has worked with big brands like Urban Outfitters and Adidas in the past. He told Gothamist that he has no comment to add, and wants to “let the poster speak for itself.”

Tseng’s choice of symbolism is not surprising. Chick-fil-A CEO’s overtly Christian faith and opposition to same-sex marriage have long been sneered at by liberals, so both the cup and the bible can be seen as representing “pervasive Christian traditionalism.”

While the artist definitely has a choir to preach to in progressive and liberal New York City, plenty of zealous Trumpers are screaming bloody murder about his poster campaign.

“It’s telling that a coastal elite’s version of ‘trash’ is a woman with a Bible,” grumbled Trump adviser Harlan Hill, adding that the message is a “sad indictment of the person who made these fake ads popping up all over NYC.”

Uber-cool New York lefties aren’t the only artists creating subversive street art in Trump’s America. Conservative street artist Sabo has made headlines with his work skewering Silicon Valley tech giants, Hollywood sex abuse, and Democratic politicians.

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