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Chandiwala Ensemble 2018: A battle of hospitality champions

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Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology inaugurated “The 17th Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble” on October 24, 2018 at the Institute auditorium to a record crowd of Hospitality Students, Industry Experts, Trade Media and Faculty Members. The event steers students towards team work, leadership, planning with overall management skills as well as showcasing artistic ability in cultural extravaganzas, for holistic personality development through extracurricular activities.

The budding hospitality professionals got a bit of sensible advise from a seasoned hotelier, with 28 years experience – Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, Corporate Chef, Learning and Development, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. The chef told the 17th Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble on October24, in New Delhi, that the students wishing to be successful hospitality people must keep four “P” points in mind.

These include Preparedness, to face the challenges. The second P is Push, to work hard to achieve goals. Perserverance is the third important P, said Bali, at the event opening, where teams from 30 institutions took part in various events over the next 3 days. Not to give up in spite of failures is a key to success, he said, adding that Bali has been giving lectures in India and abroad for years. The fourth P is Passion, that is to do things with total devotion and involvement.

The veteran hotelier exhorted the young entrants to put India on the culinary map of the world, and preserve the rich heritage and wealth on the cuisine front. Another suggestion was to see that one learns new things every day and keeps skills at the ready.

This year, the ensemble will also expose the school students to the fascinating world of hospitality. Several sponsors have come forward to back the event, realizing the significance of the interaction between academics and industry.

Hospitality management is about creativity, globalization, passion and innovation. The Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble mirrors these traits and serves as a medium to hospitality students’ interests, ambitions and creativity in a hospitality management career. Through this ensemble, participants discover their passion for hospitality and their ability to perform under pressure. This is also a great opportunity for the industry to discover a new generation of leaders who will shape the way hospitality evolves in the next decade.

Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, Corporate Chef Learning & Development, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Dr. Bhupesh Kumar, Director BCIHMCT, Mr. Pradeep Gupta, Dy. Director, BCIHMCT and Chef Prem Ram, CHE Event Coordinator and Joint Secretary Indian Culinary Forum, declared the event open with Lamp Lighting Ceremony followed by Curtain Raiser.

Welcoming the Chief Guest for the opening ceremony – Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, esteemed guests, sponsors, media partners, faculty members and participants, Dr. Bhupesh Kumar, Director, BCIHMCT, informed, “BCIHMCT is an institution which has been famed to always take the road less traveled. While giving pure academics the due importance it deserves, BCIHMCT has always provided the students from Hospitality fraternity to showcase their talents and spirit of hospitality by organizing such events.” Quoting Kemmons Wilson, Dr. Bhupesh said “Remember, a person who wins success may have been countted out many times before. He wins because he refuses to give up.”

Chef Parminder Singh Bali was delighted to be amongst upcoming hoteliers and budding chefs, addressed the gathering by informing students that it is okay not to win at events like this, but what is importance to gain knowledge and experience. Chef Bali spoke about four P’s that are required for success which are preparedness, pushing your limits, perseverance and passion/ junoon. He said, “The hospitality industry has undergone a lot, earlier chefs did not require any communication skills as they were not allowed to enter public areas of the hotel, Chefs today are recognized as artists, are required to have good communication skills and be in perfect grooming at all times. The main concern today is losing our traditional foods to the world like asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, salsify, stinging nettle and we must revive our lost recipes”. He concluded by mentioning, “The moment you wear white, the moment you are in a kitchen, you have a responsibility to represent India on the culinary map of the world”.

Chef Prem Ram, Coordinator of CHE briefed the gathering about the various competitions to be held  during Ensemble. The various competitions to be held during the three day Mega Event  are R-Pure Regional India Culinary Contest, Zone Barwizard Bar Challenge, Rich Graviss “Dress The Cake In 90 Minutes” Challenge, Kareer Krafters International Culinary Challenge, Chandiwala 45 Minutes “Future Chef Contest”, Taj Hospitality Brain Twister , Food Service India Culinary Challenge, Ananda Contemporary Indian Culinary Challenge, Mggi Coconut Milk Powder Asian Culinary Challenege, IHG Role Play “Manage The Damage Contest”, California Walnut Festive Culinary Challenge, Chandiwala Floral Decoration & Towel Origami Competition.

The Chief Guest for Closing Ceremony on 26th October will be Mr. Dhananjay Kumar, General Manager, The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi.

Bhansaghar: The Ancient Kitchen of Bihar” themed dinner is organised post valedictory function on the eve of 26th October to celebrate the spirit of Hospitality.

The best team will win Champions Trophy of Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble 2018.

AhoyChef Award along with cash prize of Rs. 5000/- will also be presented to the most outstanding participant/s during the 3 day event.


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