JOSP Fest chooses downtown district of Rome to showcase 3rd edition


(eTN) – JOSP Fest, the International Festival of the Itineraries of the Spirit, will hold its 3rd edition in the most important downtown squares and streets of Rome and open up to broader and more diverse audiences.

The four-day festival created by Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP), a travel activity of the Vicariate of Rome, Department of the Holy See, celebrates pilgrimages and traveling. It is a festival for anyone interested in discovering the world from a special perspective with the aim of becoming a global citizen.

After the previous editions – conducted as a laboratory inside a trade show, Liberio Andreatta, vice president of Orp, said, “JOSP Fest has finally settled in Rome, in [its] natural place.” While the mayor of Rome, Mr. Gianni Alemanno, emphasized the importance of cooperation with ORP and added, “We can finally offer to tourists and pilgrims coming to Rome a unique and coordinated combination between religious and tourist attractions.”

This year’s theme, the “Pilgrim Lifestyle,” is a spiritual and cultural way of life that focuses on important values including the belief in the power of prayer and meditation and also seeks to opens a dialogue and cross borders. The “Pilgrim Lifestyle” is the discovery of one’s own interior and opening to God. JOSP Fest includes a series of conferences, seminars, workshops, and the arts to showcase this way of life and to stimulate pilgrims of all ages and faith.

“JOSP Fest needed a setting that would more easily facilitate contacts with the general public and allow visitors to participate in a diachronic reading of the past “What better place than Rome,” said Father Caesar Atuire, CEO of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi. The most important streets and squares of Rome will host the festival’s exhibitors and partners, while the Auditorium Conciliazione will host the planned conferences and seminars of this 3rd edition. Josè Carreras and Ambrogio Sparagna will be among the top stars to perform in concerts to be held at Rome’s most famous city icon – Piazza di Spagna.

For this 3rd edition, Studio Ega, with more than 40 years of experience in events, will handle the organizational aspects. They will implement many green aspects promoted by the European Union for Sustainable Energy Europe. This means that JOSP Fest will be environmentally friendly: all materials used in the construction of the exhibition space, in accordance with energy saving initiatives, are “green.”

JOSP Fest is also the place where the think tank in international tourism will meet and attend at the JOSP Tourism Summit. This exclusive closed-door meeting will be the venue to discuss and share information about the behavior and habits of the modern pilgrim traveler. It will also be the place to create a blueprint for their future travel – a model that brings this category of travelers in contact with new cultures, ideas, and people in order to create a better world.

“There is a need to redefine a new paradigm in the tourism industry and to meet the challenges of a global and rapidly-evolving society that is searching for meaning, values, and morals,” said Father Atuire. This year’s JOSP Trade Workshop, organized by Comitel & Partners, will be an opportunity for buyers and sellers who work in the field of tourism to meet and discover the opportunities that exist in this area. The workshop is being held at a time when new instruments are needed and spirituality and culture can be proposed in ways that are captivating to many people. More than 80 buyers and sellers are expected to participate.

JOSP Fest has also gone social with a special initiative inviting pilgrims and believers of all ages to share what they take along on an important journey, be it comfortable walking shoes or a prayer card. The initiative, “What must you take along on your journey?” is already attracting much attention.

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