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New tourism campaign exploits two beloved US presidents & a French Lady 


New Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau campaign exploits two beloved presidents and their shenanigans with a French Lady.

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What do you get when you mix George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Lady Liberty? Brave pursuits, a little bit of harmony, and loads of laughs. Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau recently launched a marketing campaign to promote the importance of values such as courage, hope, and love through a series of hilarious new videos following this trio, dubbed “America Groupies”, trying out modern-day adventures and loving every minute of it.

Always the peacemaker, Abraham Lincoln’s videos are the picture of love and harmony. Taking a more relaxed approach to his retirement, Honest Abe tries his hand at hot yoga, which goes about as well as you could expect. He then attends karaoke night at a local bar where he brings down the house with a beautiful rendition of “This Land Is Your Land”. On a mission to make sure everyone feels loved, Lincoln also passes out free hugs to locals, spreading a little joy on their night out.

Representing dreams, hope, and optimism the generally stoic Lady Liberty steps down off of her perch on Ellis Island to explore everything that the Land of the Free has to offer. Her first mission is to try a food that is inherently America: hot dogs! After her fill of wieners, the Lady in green goes for a ride on a motorcycle, experiencing the freedom of the open road. When the sun goes down, Lady Liberty lets her hair down at a country bar, learning how to not only line dance but also ride a mechanical bull.

A true natural born leader, George Washington embodies courage, order, and leadership. In one video, the nation’s first President shows bravery while boxing at a local gym. He then joins a children’s swimming class where his fearlessness inspires little ones to jump from the high dive. After swimming class is over, another video shows Washington testing the loyalty of locals by doing surprise trust falls, leaving bystanders in stitches.

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