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World’s worst airports to sleep in

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From flea infestations to filthy toilets, overzealous security guards and bird poo, travellers have revealed the world’s top 10 worst airports to sleep in.

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From flea infestations to filthy toilets, overzealous security guards and bird poo, travellers have revealed the world’s top 10 worst airports to sleep in.

Website www.sleepinginairports.net has given travellers a voice, allowing them to review the best and worst airports around the world for travellers needing some shut-eye.

While Paris’s Charles de Gualle was voted the worst airport to sleep in, airports in Europe, the US and India were also mentioned.

1. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Slammed by travellers as the dirtiest airport in the world and “worse than a Third World airport”, Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport is reportedly smelly, hot, full of homeless people, lacks comfortable seating and is prone to losing luggage. “I could not believe the filth from hell, the bathrooms were worse than some I have seen in Africa! Smell of Urines all over the floor, faeces on the walls, toilet papers all over the place and rude workers,” Baron Kodjo said.

“All the terminals were full of homeless people who smelled bad and touched themselves in inappropriate places,” Briggew said.

“I couldn’t sit on the metal benches for too long because this caused a lot of pain,” a traveller said.

2. Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia

This airport has been described as a dark, dirty cave with limited and uncomfortable seating, long lines, unhelpful staff and expensive food. One traveller dubbed it “hell on earth”.

“(My wife) moved from her bench after a woman nearby vomited. Several hours later my wife passed the spot and the vomit had not been cleaned,” Gibby said.
“First the atmosphere in the terminal building is awful, it’s dark like a cave, dirty and small space,” one traveller said.

“This was the most disgusting airport I’ve ever been to after 10 years of travelling. I had an asthma attack due to all the cigarette smoke, the toilets overflowed and the floor was covered in rubbish and there were piles of trash all over the place,” Ebulouseye said.

3. JFK Airport, New York City

Travellers found this airport overcrowded, dirty and uncomfortable.
“JFK was probably the most confusing and filthy airport terminal I have ever been in,” Amy said.

“Seating was awful, so I laid out on the floor. However I saw a rat roaming around so I didn’t sleep much that night,” Seanamazing said.

4. Los Angeles Airport

Reviewers said Los Angeles Airport has dirty bathrooms, metal benches, is cold, and there are frequent and loud announcements.

“At 1am a security guard woke me and told me I had to leave because the ‘airport was closed’,” Savvy said.

“I couldn’t relieve myself in the terminal bathroom because the stench was so horrible,” Disgruntled said.

5. Delhi Airport

This airport has been described as being full of mosquitoes and birds, filthy, crowded, has poor signage and frequent announcements that increase at night.

“Had to change in the toilet which made the one in Trainspotting look like the Ritz,” Moray said.

“It was dirty, with all pervasive smell of sweet over powering phenyl which they use for disinfecting. The departure lounge has this odour mixed with that of cigarettes,” Amit Mathur said.

6. O’Hare airport, Chicago

Sleepy travellers have been warned away from this “dirty” and noisy Chicago airport.

“I believe it would be easier to sleep in the engine of a plane than to sleep in this place,” Derek Blice said.

“The restrooms smelled like a skunk marinated in urine and vomit,” Tim said.
“This airport wasn’t built to hold the sleepy traveller – and you can tell. Cursed arm rests prevent anyone from fully reclining,” The-tine said.

7. Mumbai Airport

A lack of food and shops open at night, “beyond disgusting” toilets, and poor air conditioning turns travellers off this airport.

“The heat and smell was ominous as soon as I left the plane,” Amanda Hillis said.

“There is nothing to do at the Mumbai airport. There are no shops in the main part of the terminal. Chilled (sweated, actually) on a chair for about 10 hours…the seating area was rather dirty,” Laura P said.

8. Manila Airport

If visiting this “chaotic” airport be prepared for people wanting bribes, tourists warn.

“Everywhere everyone asks for bribes. Never offer them anything. Act as if you do not know what they are saying and just walk past them,” Native Filipino said.

“There were no toilet seats or running water in the bathrooms. A big bucket with a dipper was by the front door and about four attendants hassled me for a tip,” Trustma said.

9. Rome Airport, Fiumicino

Frequent announcements, bird poo and the tendency to be kicked out at night have turned travellers off this airport.

“Birds live in the ceiling so look out for falling bird crap and bird crap on the seats,” TH said.

“Seats were so comfy as in a jail and I was woken up by the security in every 30 minutes. Not even the employees of the airport speak English so I felt lousy. I had to wait 24 hours to check-in. It was a horrible night,” one traveller said.

10. Heathrow Airport, London

Several travellers complained about flea infestations as well as smelly carpets, confusing signs, a general dirtiness and lack of places to lie down.

“My god… I would sooner eat my own face than sleep here again. I was contemplating suicide at 3.30am,” one traveller said.

“Flea infestation causing 400 bites on exposed flesh of lower legs, wrists, hands and rear of neck, occurred at London Heathrow departure terminal three, first floor,” John E Pratt said.

“I ended up with almost 100 other people in a vast, freezing, loud, uncomfortable waiting area, with access to a clean bathroom but no drinking fountain and no place to lie down but the floor – the benches were made of formed wood, bucket shaped, with metal armests preventing one from lying down… The airport is full of signs but nothing actually explains the things the overnight traveller needs to know,” Ritaxis said.

Worst airports by region

South Pacific/Oceania: Tonga

Asia: Delhi, India

Africa: Abuja, Nigeria

Middle East: Sanaa, Yemen

South America: Buenos Aires Aeroparque, Argentina

North America: Los Angeles, USA

Europe: Paris Charles de Gaulle, France

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