22 tourists injured as flying rock from Hawaii volcano crashes tour boat


A ‘lava bomb’, a flying chunk of molten rock, hit an ocean tour boat near the Big Island of Hawaii, puncturing the vessel’s roof and injuring the people on board, the island’s fire department has confirmed.

At least 22 people were injured when the lava hit the boat, which carried 52 people in total. One of the tourists’ injuries were classed as severe. Ten people were treated on-the-spot when the boat arrived back to Wailoa Harbor, while the rest were sent to hospital.

A lava bomb is a natural phenomenon that occurs when hot flows of lava mixes with cold ocean waters, with the resulting reaction triggering an explosion.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been erupting for over two months, sparking evacuations and even forming new islands.

A crater’s explosion on Friday destroyed hundreds of homes on the Big Island, with lava flows entering the ocean. As the hot masses cooled down, they revealed a new small island estimated to be about 20 to 30 feet in diameter.

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