Uganda peace deal with rebels evaporates


KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) – All efforts by the international community and the Ugandan government to reach a negotiated agreement with the Kony killers have so far failed to persuade the International Criminal Court (ICC)-wanted fugitive to come out of hiding to conclude the deal that has been in the making for the last two years.

Many of Joseph Kony’s lieutenants and foot soldiers have in past months abandoned their rebellion and taken advantage of the Uganda’s amnesty law, which was passed for this purpose. With his numbers on the ground dwindling, Kony then started killing some of his closest allies, first his erstwhile deputy, Otti, a few months ago, and going by latest reports from Juba also his new deputy Odhiambo and several other key commanders. Reasons for the latest atrocity, this time inflicted upon his own goons, could not be ascertained but may well focus on Kony’s deliberate deceptions over the signing of the peace deal.

The lead negotiator for the Lord’s Resistance Army, only recently put into place by Kony after sacking several other team leaders and members before, also resigned last weekend and promptly expressed his disgust with his “leader.” Kony had failed to assemble his remaining men at the agreed assembly points in Southern Sudan and had in fact moved them and their abductees into the Central African Republic, where he is now thought to retreat towards again.

Former Mozambique President Chissano and other observers who had come to Southern Sudan’s capital Juba for the expected signing of the peace deal expressed their disappointment with the latest development and were preparing to leave Juba once again, until some level of certainty could be obtained over the way forward.

Hardliners in Uganda are now advocating for a return to military action to resolve the impasse and round up the depleted Kony lot.

The International Criminal Court at The Hague has an arrest warrant out for Kony and several of his key allies, some of which are believed to be amongst those now killed by him.