Airline says sorry for city flight chaos


Flight operators KLM have apologised after a security alert for passengers waiting to jet out of Edinburgh Airport.

Passengers flying from Edinburgh to Amsterdam on April 10 were asked to leave the plane, which was already primed for departure, while their baggage was unloaded and spread out.

Each passenger was asked to personally account for their bag before the plane could take off.

Passenger Dan Lacher, a software developer from Midland, Michigan, US, was travelling home via Amsterdam.

He said: “By the time it was resolved all the bags were removed from the plane, laid out on the Tarmac, each person had to claim their bags, re-board the plane and the flight finally took off two hours late and two connections in Amsterdam down the drain.”

A manual system was used to count the bags rather than an electronic handling system.

A KLM spokeswoman said a mistake was made by a baggage handling agent when accounting for the luggage.

She said: “This resulted in a full recheck of the luggage. Once the luggage was accounted for the flight took off with a slight delay.

“KLM apologises for the delay and any inconvenience caused to passengers.”