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5 Uncontestable Reasons You Should Go Skiing in Japan

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Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-a-person-skiing-851095/
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A Japan ski trip is something every winter sports enthusiast should experience at least once in their life. Winter in Japan is much more than the snowy image of Mount Fuji and hot sake indoors.

Switzerland, France, or Canada may sound like a more obvious choice when it comes to skiing destinations, but Japan is simply something else. After all, what could be more exhilarating than skiing down Mount Fuji on the most perfect powder you have ever seen?

If you don’t believe us, here are 5 uncontestable reasons why you should consider Japan as you next skiing destination.

It’s great for both experts and beginners

Japan has over 500 winter resorts, and Hakuba Japan is just one of them. Plus, it snows more than in any other country, so there are plenty of slopes for both beginners and experts to try out.

Due to how soft the slopes are, it will be much easier for beginners to learn than it would be on hard ice. Plus, you will fall countless times, which means you will be glad there’s going to be a soft landing awaiting.

Experts will find Japanese slopes to be some of the most exciting they have ever tried, paired with some breathtaking views to complete their experience.

To try some of the famous Japow

If you are a true powder hound, you know about the infamous Japanese powder, or Japow, as some call it.

Both skiers and snowboarders look for the same kind of things when they analyze the slopes: for the snow to be dry and deep. Well, Japan is known to have some of the driest snows out there. It’s just a perfect mixture of light, dry, and heavy snow, which means it will be deep enough to slide on it perfectly.

Onsen apres-ski is the ultimate treat

If you are still not convinced why you should ski in Japan, then perhaps the apres-ski options will change your mind. Because Japan has lots of volcanoes, it also means it is home to plenty of hot springs as well. These wonder-springs are not only enjoyable but also very good for your health, so you have all the more reasons to try them.

Each resort has at least 1 hot spring tourists can visit, and trust us when we say they are just what you need after a day of skiing. These hot springs are traditionally known as onsen, and they are simply the best treatment for your sore muscles.

Wonderful snow festivals

The Japanese people love their festivals and look for any opportunity to throw one. Snow festivals are very popular in Japan and can be quite a unique experience. If you think the spring cherries blossoming is the most spectacular sight you will encounter in Japan, just wait to attend a winter festival.

One of the most popular winter festivals happens in Sapporo, and is known for the impressive ice sculptures that artists from around the world prepare each year, including teams participating in the International Snow Sculpture Contest.

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