Indonesia to develop an exclusive tourism zone on Bintan island


A company, backed by Malaysian-owned leisure and gambling conglomerate Genting, has unveiled an 8-year plan to turn Indonesia’s Bintan island into an exclusive integrated tourism zone.

The company’s masterplan is to turn the island into a destination for medical tourism, and a base for hosting its multimedia and information technology (IT) based games and entertainment gaming center. It has not confirmed if the ‘center’ refers to running an off-shore internet-based gaming

The proposed Treasure Bay project, covering a total area of 342ha in
the Lagoi area of the island. An area of five integrated resort lots
of about 25ha each will make up the exclusive integrated tourism zone on Bintan island.

To be developed over a period of eight years, the developer will build 745 luxury villa sites with boat berthing facilities, 1,700 marinas and a hillside condominiums at a cost of US$1.5 billion.

In addition to a proposed casino for the general public, there will be a six-star hotel, shops and a wellness center.

However, an Indonesian official in charge of planning on the island
has cast fresh doubts if plans for a casino and gaming complex will be included as part of the approval package. “It was rejected a long
time ago.Indonesia has tough anti-gambling laws.”

The largest island in the Riau archipelago, an hour’s boat ride south of Singapore island, Bintan will become Indonesia’s ‘pleasure island’ to compete directly with another of Genting’s leisure development projects, the integrated resort-cum casino project on Sentosa island in Singapore.