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Rome Botticelle Says Goodbye

Romantic tourism downsized; horses saved

Rome Botticelle Says Goodbye

The Rome Botticelle – the horse-drawn carriages which until a few decades ago were one of the most used means of mobility in the city – are now confined to circulate in minor areas.

A long campaign on behalf of the animals questioned their use on the roads as well as given the climatic conditions not always favorable to horses.

This created a state of agitation not only among the “coachmen” but also among those who love to preserve the traditions of old Rome so much appreciated by tourists.

Now the Capitoline (city assembly) has decided that the “barrels” may circulate only in the gardens and green areas starting with Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili, and Parco degli Acquedotti. The coachman is, therefore, still being given the opportunity to work, albeit in more limited conditions.

“The Roman parks,” says Mayor Virginia Raggi, “offer an ideal setting, no less interesting from a tourist’s point of view, for the discovery of secret and suggestive corners of one of the greenest capitals in Europe. It is a historic milestone for a modern city, respectful of the environment and animals.”

The new regulation establishes that the “Botticelle” will be able to operate in the established routes for no more than 7 hours a day with stops every 45 minutes.

In July and August, their circulation will be prohibited from 12 AM to 17.30 PM. These new regulations are subject to penalties (up to 500 euros) as well as the suspension or withdrawal of the license to operate.

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