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Sheremetyevo Airport celebrates 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth

Sheremetyevo Airport celebrates 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth

Sheremetyevo International Airport will join a series of international events in December 2020 dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.  

On December 16, the composer’s birthday, at exactly 2:50 p.m., a “Beethoven Moment” took place in all Sheremetyevo’s terminals, consisting of a three-minute fragment of the famous Fifth Symphony played by Digital Orchestra by Golikov. The 2:50 pm broadcast time is symbolic of the jubilee date – 250 years of the composer’s birth.

Sheremetyevo is joining other major airports in Europe and Russia in this project. The main idea of the event, organized with the support of the Beethoven Jubilee Society, is to unite people from different cities and countries for a few moments to remember and be inspired by the composer’s brilliant music.

Also on the composer’s birthday, the installation exhibition “Ludwig van Beethoven – Ode “To Joy” will open at Sheremetyevo Airport. This exhibition is one of several large-scale events organized by the National Tourist Office of Germany in Russia within the framework of the “Year of Germany in Russia 2020/21,” with the support of the German embassy.

The exhibition consists of 35 miniature multi-colored sculptures of Beethoven by the German sculptor Ottmar Hörl that have been integrated into the airport terminals. The artist’s creativity lies in the unusual embodiment of the composer’s image; sculptures made in golden and malachite colors depict Beethoven smiling. The installations are located in Terminals B (3rd floor, public departure area and the Sheremetyevo Travel Retail zone) and D (public departure area, 3rd floor).

The exhibition at Sheremetyevo is part of a large-scale exhibition that was held at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in October 2020 on the eve of the composer’s 250th birthday. At the moment, the exhibits are displayed at the Consulates General of Germany, in the Zaryadye Concert Hall, and other venues in Moscow and the regions.

Events dedicated to the anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth are one element of the rich cultural program that Sheremetyevo has implemented with the aim of creating a pleasant atmosphere and rich experience at the airport. Sheremetyevo annually takes part in international and all-Russian cultural events and holds various cultural and educational events, exhibitions, festivals and concerts in collaboration with partners in the arts.

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