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Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau launches $5 million Miamiland campaign

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau launches $5 million Miamiland campaign

This month, The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) launched MIAMILAND, a comprehensive marketing campaign that promotes Greater Miami’s great outdoors; it’s parks, beaches and open spaces, to residents and to attract visitors seeking safe and healthy vacation options. Using $5 million grant approved by Miami-Dade County, the GMCVB’s MIAMILAND initiative encourages participation in outdoor experiences, visitation and extended length of stay, bookings for hotels, and the sharing of content across social channels. MIAMILAND is part of the GMCVB’s larger Miami Shines tourism recovery campaign, an ongoing initiative created in response to COVID-19 to help Miami’s travel and hospitality industries. The GMCVB continues to update their MIAMILAND website with more information, special experiences, and offerings.

“Now, perhaps more than ever before, we want to get some fresh air, disconnect a bit, and engage with the beautiful outdoors,” said William D. Talbert III, CDME, President & CEO of the GMCVB. “With world class parks, beaches and endless warm weather, Greater Miami offers everything from unforgettable nature adventures to everyday leisure activities. We want to encourage locals and visitors to enjoy the natural wonders found in our own tropical oasis.” 

The GMCVB launched the MIAMILAND marketing campaign to encourage safe visitation and exploration of the vast array of outdoor adventures which includes more than 200 parks located in Miami-Dade County, the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park.  The campaign is led by an extensive advertising campaign targeting both the local and national markets and utilizes traditional and non-traditional content, distributed in numerous ways through multiple media channels including on YouTube, digital/social ads, outdoor billboards, and cable TV ads, among other mediums. The development of new videos (available in English, Spanish, and Creole), custom itineraries, deals and trip-planning options will be available on its website throughout 2021.

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