Separate Tourism Ministry put forward in Bulgaria


Management and advertising in tourism sector in Bulgaria should be completed by a ministry to be instituted in the context of the upcoming overall changes in the cabinet, the National Tourism Board proposed at a sitting on Wednesday.

The body’s members, whose number was increased by six, insisted that 1,5 percent more from tourism incomes should be reinvested in the sector.

“The fact that Bulgaria has no tourism representations abroad is a shame,” the board’s Executive Director Poli Karastoyanova said.

According to the body’s management, a total of BGN 250 M from the next year’s state budget could be allocated to attractions’ development and advertising.

“It would be intolerable if the ticket seller at Bulgaria’s ancient city Perperikon knows everything about Machu Picchu and the ticket seller at Machu Picchu has not even heard about Perperikon,” Rumen Draganov explained.

The newly elected head of the board announced the organization will demand to be mentioned in the Tourism law as a partner of the state when it comes to solving important problems in the sphere.

The board’s members insisted also that some amendments in the current tourism strategy should be made so that it provides precise statistic data about the number of Bulgarians, who choose to spend their holidays in their own country.

Municipalities, hotel owners and local organizations should join their efforts in advertising and exploring the resources in the separate regions, the National Board concluded.