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GCC journalists say goodbye to Saudi Arabia

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The Gulf Tourist Information convoy concluded its visit to the city of Jeddah yesterday.

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The Gulf Tourist Information convoy concluded its visit to the city of Jeddah yesterday. The convoy, including a number of specialists in the field of tourism and media from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)countries, had come on a visit to the kingdom two weeks ago on an invitation from the SCTA (Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities).

From Jeddah, the convey is heading back to the capital Riyadh. The convoy is comprised of 32 members from various audio-visual and print media in the GCC and the Arab countries. The fortnight-long trip is conducted by SCTA in cooperation with Saudi Arabian Public Transport Co. (SAPTCO), the official carrier of the convoy.

It should be noted that the media convoy so far has visited Riyadh, Medina, Makkah, Taif, Asir, Al Abha, and Jeddah – the last leg of its visit to the kingdom.

During the tour, the media delegates held several press meets with the provincial Amirs, the chairmen of the Tourism Development Councils, officials from the Provincial tourism organizations (PTOs), and investors in the tourism sectors, in addition to its continuous coverage of the ongoing tourism festival programs in the kingdom.

Regarding the purpose of this extended tour of the convoy, Mr. Muhammad Rashid, director of Information Convoy said, “SCTA, because of its keeness to provide [a] complete picture of the distinctive tourism sites in the kingdom and to shed more light on the domestic tourism, had invited GCC media and information channels such as newspapers, radio, and television, to tour through the country.”

The convoy has visited, during its trip, several tourism villages, witnessed various tourism projects, and visited many tourist information centers, airports, commercial malls, and tradititional markets, as well as identified the components that comprise this tourist destination.

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