China restricts tourist visas for Beijing Olympics


China has imposed a series of entry restrictions on foreign passport holders in the build-up to the Beijing Olympics, which is likely to impact on tourists visiting the country.

Slower visa processing times, no multiple-entry visas and no one-day travel visas from Hong Kong have all been reported by Hong Kong-based travel agents.

Multiple-entry visas have been suspended until October 17th and travellers applying for visas can now expect next-day rather than same-day turnaround for visa processing, it has been reported.

Local travel agents told the AFP news agency that three-month single-entry and double-entry visas are still available.

The Beijing Olympics are set to run from August 8th to 24th and agents hope the normal visa system will resume after that.

The restrictions come in the wake of protests over China’s human rights record and recent crackdown on protestors in Tibet.