Air Berlin welcomes more than 2.1 million passengers in March


Significantly improved capacity utilization

Air Berlin has continued to increase the number of passengers transported. In March 2008, a total of 2,175,427 passengers traveled on Air Berlin (including its subsidiaries LTU and Belair, and the airline company Walter), i.e. 5.5 percent more than in the corresponding month of the previous year (03/2007: 2,061,015 passengers).

Fleet capacity utilization improved by 3.9 percentage points to reach 77.8 percent in March 2008 (03/2007: 73.8 percent). At 5.23 Eurocents, flight revenue per available seat kilometer (ASK) in March 2008 was slightly higher than in the previous year (03/2007: 5.20 Eurocents).

For the first quarter of 2008, the accumulated number of passengers traveling on Air Berlin totaled 5,831,160 passengers, i.e. an increase of 10.9 percent over the corresponding period of the previous year (2007: 5,256,273 passengers). Capacity utilization was also higher than in the previous year and improved by 3.9 percentage points to 73.3 percent for the period from January to March 2008.

March 2008
Capacity 2,796,441
Number of passengers 2,175,427
Capacity utilization rate in % 77.79