Sol Melia Hotel Chain Arrives in El Salvador on Technical Visit


Meeting held in Guatemala with foreign tourism investors yields positive results highlighted by the regional experiences of Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador

Salvadoran Tourism Minister Ruben Rochi briefed foreign investors on achievements in tourism within the framework of the Central American Tourism and Investment Exchange (CATHIE 2008) meeting, held in Guatemala April 1-3.

“El Salvador has proven to be a nation taking positive steps in its tourism project efforts. I am very pleased that important hotel chains such as Sol Melia and Barcelo from Spain have expressed enthusiasm with what El Salvador has achieved in the area of tourism. This has been a truly successful and positive meeting in Guatemala. We won the debate that investors would show enough interest to make a technical visit to our country. Barcelo arrives next Friday and Sol Melia on Monday,” said Rochi.

Mauricio Alvarez, PROESA tourism consultant, said that the Salvadoran projects introduced at CATHIE by the minister of tourism “have sparked major interest in the region, mainly by international hotels. PROESA is the official sponsor of the event, and we are hoping the event will take place next year in El Salvador.”

The event offered the opportunity to meet with leading hotel chains such as Sol Melia and Barcelo, Starddo Hotel, Wyhen Resort, Orient Express Hotel, Radisson International, and Sandals Resort, among other important international investors. Central American project promoters will provide participants an opportunity to invest in at least 19 projects, five of which will be developed in Guatemala, five in El Salvador, five in Honduras, and four in Nicaragua.

In Central America, El Salvador has the most modern road system, best airport infrastructure, and second best telecommunications system, making it a modern, dynamic nation.