Tourism fuels Indian job growth


Employment in India’s growing tourism industry is expected to hit 30.5 million this year, meaning the sector will comprise 6.4 per cent of the country’s total employment, according to new data from the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Some 40 million people are predicted to find work in the industry by 2018, at which point it would represent 7.2 per cent of total employment, the Economic Times reported.

The industry is likely to generate around four trillion rupees in 2008, rising to 15 trillion over the next ten years. Currently, it contributes 6.1 per cent to India’s national GDP.

Apparently “responsible tourism” is the buzz phrase of the moment, with the country’s Tourism Ministry attempting to spread the benefits of tourism to poorer rural areas.

It is encouraging villages to take part in a scheme where travellers can stay in the community and learn about local cultures, handicrafts and history in a sustainable and non-invasive way.

The central government in India is currently implementing a National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.