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Xisha Islands cruises resume in South China Sea

Xisha Islands cruises resume in South China Sea
Xisha Islands cruises resume in South China Sea
Written by Harry S. Johnson

The Nanhai Dream cruise ship with over 280 passengers on board left Hainan’s Sanya today, marking the resumption of the Xisha Islands cruises. The South China Sea have been suspended for 11 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The other cruise ship, the Changle Gongzhu or Princess Changle, is scheduled to resume operations from the resort city in south China’s Hainan Province tomorrow, with some 220 passengers expected to be on board.

The Xisha tour of each ship will last three nights and four days. Tourists will sail to the Yongle Islands in the Xisha Islands, visiting Yinyu island and Quanfu island.

The Nanhai Dream can accommodate 721 people and the Princess Changle can carry 466 travellers.

According to epidemic prevention and control requirements, the number of passengers on a cruise liner has been capped at 50 percent capacity. The number can be increased to 70 percent after two weeks of operations if COVID-19 prevention and control measures prove effective.

Cruise tourism to the Xisha Islands started in 2013.

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