eTN Mailbox: Climate change drivel


My agency doesn’t want or need any drivel about the fake climate change … it clogs our inbox with worthless info. If you really want to help your subscribers, then have them watch this: It tells the truth about this fake issue.

The travel industry has enough issues that we shouldn’t be tied to a “politically correct” issue that is patently false. This is one of the coldest years in recorded history with record snowfalls. The general public isn’t stupid; they watch the weather, too. Do we as travel representatives, want our profession tied in the publics’ mind to such a wacko idea? This “climate change” myth only hurts our industry. These “politically correct” attacks against cruise lines, the airlines and resorts it deems a “climate offender” only hurts our worldwide business.

This January, as I sat trapped in my hotel room due to record breaking snow, there was a news broadcast about yet another “global warming” conference that was postponed due to record snowing and cold weather. I couldn’t help but wonder who could still believe in this “global warming” myth. Are there many people still that gullible?

The climate change guru “Al Gore” himself rides around in a Gulfstream private jet and lives in a mansion whose “carbon footprint” is considered by the climate wackos to be enormous ….but he encourages us to stop driving our cars, to turn off our lights and sit in the cold, stop traveling and eat only what is grown locally. Does the travel industry want or need to be associated with hypocrites and liars? How can this help our industry? That’s the pivotal question here: How can supporting a fake issue that is hyped by hypocrites help the travel industry? By promoting this fake issue, you damage the very industry you supposedly are a part of. How does damaging the travel industry help you or your employees?

One thing my agency will do to protect the travel industry is to dismiss anything your publication says as biased, politically correct and of questionable veracity. Is this really what you wanted?

I recommend your publication print a retraction, distance itself from this bogus issue and never again take a stance that has no possible benefit for the travel industry and can only damage it.

Jack R. Martin Jr.
Houston, Texas