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Tourism this week in Latin America

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Plays are canceled in all the country

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Plays are canceled in all the country
“For reasons of force majeure”, plays are canceled during next 10 days in Argentina meanwhile cinemas will postpone premieres. The Argentinian Association of Theater Impresarios announced that it decided to cancel the theater activity in the country during 10 days to help avoiding that the Influenza A virus spreads.

Aerolíneas Argentinas program again direct fights to Trelew-Sao Paulo
The measure is due to the health situation that Influenza A causes and for the alerts that the Brazilian government has been announced to the population of this country. The operation was programmed for September.

Andes will promote Ruta del Vino in its flights
Since this week, Andes Líneas Aéreas and some wine shops from Salta will promote wines of the zone, in the flights of Andes from Buenos Aires to Salta. The purpose is to consolidate Ruta del Vino from Salta as a high range tourist product.

Design Suites was opened in Salta
With an investment of US$ 8 million, the group Solanas opened a hotel of its Desing Suite chain in the city of Salta. The establishment placed in the city center has 51 rooms divided up in nine floors.

Pluna will fly to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
The Aeronautical Committee authorized to extend to 10, the weekly frequencies for the flights to Asunción and it approved to cover with airplanes and Uruguayan pilots the flight from Asunción to Santiago de Chile which the airline has a share code with LAN and TAM. Besides that, it authorized to flight from Montevideo to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia which Pluna has to submit a formal application.

TAM expands share code with BMI
Since July 7th, TAM and BMI expanded their share code to include the city of Dublin. By means of this agreement, clients of both airlines in Brazil and Ireland can enjoy simplified reservations procedures, also having a connection with only one ticket for only checking the luggage until the final destination.

Titicaca, Amazonas and Colca between the 77 nominated Natural Wonders
The New Seven Wonders Foundation which is the foundation that organizes the competition announced that Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon and the Jungle of Amazonas were included in the list of 77 nominated from the competition. They were chosen after the end of the vote process on July 7th. The final 28 will be elected by a committee of experts and they will be announced on July 21st. The elected 28 will enter to the final stages until the middle of 2011.

More than 42 thousand of tourist visited Huaca de la Luna in the first three- month period of the year
La huaca de la Luna (La Libertad) received until June, 42,780 visitors, 4 percent of the registered visits during the same period of 2008. La huaca de la Luna was the ceremonial religious center of the mochica mythology also of the construction, la huaca de la Luna is emphasized by having temples which were built and superimposed in different periods.

It is discovered a Pre-Hispanic road in Machupicchu
A group of specialist discovered a Pre-Hipsanic road in the National Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu. This road possibly started from the archeological complex of Wuaraqtambo, it moved upward to the summit of Machupicchu and went down to the Inca citadel. The road discovered is made of stone masonry, approximately it has 1 meter width, walls that supports its slope reach between 4 and 5 meters high and it has a front although, various stretch have brought to a standstill.

Huaca Chotuna – Chornancap Museum will open its doors in 30 days, in Lambayeque
In 30 days, Huaca Chotuna – Chornancap Museum will open its doors; this is placed in the city of Lambayeque, place that will show finds and studies done three years ago to national and international community.

Taca will fly to Cali
Since August 17th, TACA will add to its wide route network in the region of the city of Cali- Colombia, it will offer a direct flight to this city via Guayaquil- Ecuador, four times a week.

Guayaquil plans new airport
The local foundation, The Airport Authority of Guayaquil, gave definitive studies about the aeronautical feasibility of the future intercontinental airport of Guayaquil which confirms Chongón – Daular zone as the place that meets necessary characteristics for its operation. The new airport will have 3 parallel tracks that will be able to operate simultaneously; one of them will be of 4,100 meters length with international category to be useful to airplanes such as Airbus 380 or Boeing 747-400ER, and the rest will be of 3,500 meters length. All of them will have 60 meters width.

Courtyard by Marriott will be opened in Guayaquil
This month, Courtyard by Marriott will open an establishment in the north of Guayaquil; this establishment will increase the hotels number of four or five star of the city to 11. The hotel offers 144 rooms basically to executive tourism. Courtyard is placed in the economic heart of the city, it means near to centers such as public offices, to the building of the Chamber of Production, commercial centers and other luxury hotels such as Hilton Colon.

IHG plans to operate eight hotels in Bogotá
After the inauguration of Holiday Inn Express in the north of Bogotá, Managers from InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) informed that this chain has planned to open six hotels more of this brand in the capital, in medium term, meanwhile Medellin, Cartagena and Barranquilla plan to develop new projects which allow them to continue with their positioning. Also, IHG plans to open one Holiday Inn and one InterContinental in the capital of the Republic.

Aeropostal would return to The Caribbean
Aeropostal informed that it reincorporated the fourth DC9-50 to its fleet as a part of a reactivation plan that in medium term, it desires to recover international routes beginning with the Caribbean.

Definitely Aviacsa is canceled
The government cancelled Aviacsa operations due to debts that are not paid off of US$ 22 million by tax concepts about the use of the overhead space which the company must pay before flying again. The cancellation was taken after a judge left “without effect” a judicial protection in favor of the airline granted in 2008.

Grupo Xcaret opens new park in Cancun
Grupo Xcaret opened a new park in Cancun, Quintana Roo, where it invested US$ 22 million. The new project named Xplor is an underground park which allows visitors to submerge in a sea of stalactites and stalagmites also navigate a raft by underground paths, land on water after a flight in the jungle or drive an amphibious vehicle. New facilities have a capacity of 1,200 people and are looking for turning into one of the greatest attractiveness of the resort.

New connection from Maya Island Air to Belice since Cancun
Maya Island Air opened a new direct connection between Cancun and Belice. The beginning of operations is supported with the resolution of Foreign Affairs Secretariat which came into force on July 1st and eliminates the visa requirement to enter to Mexico for residents from Belice. The shuttle service started with three aircraft ATS from French manufacture with capacity for 68 passengers each one of them; they will offer a daily direct frequency.

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