Seychelles continues its work on the press


The Seychelles Tourism Board today issued its first newsletter dedicated to all those members of the press falling into the grouping of the “Friends of Seychelles–Press.”

The Seychelles prides itself in launching another grouping of friends for their islands. They are a country that is promoting a brand or a style of tourism that they have aptly named the “Seychelles brand.” This style of tourism from the Creole tropical islands is centered on people, and they have recognized a group of people who understands the Seychelles, who knows the Seychelles, and who they have chosen to be part of their unique group, the “Friends of Seychelles–Press.”

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board told the press that Seychelles prides itself on a destination that offers a personalized tourism. They are not and will never be a mass tourism destination, because this is not Seychelles and this will never blend in with their commitment to the protection of their patrimoine, the protection of their pristine environment. That concept keeps them focused on the art of treating people with respect and not playing the game where everyone is just a statistic. This is why, they say, they have launched this group of “Friends of Seychelles–Press.”

“The recent success of Seychelles and of its tourism industry has been the support we have received from the press. We acknowledge that, and we are thankful for that. It can be said that the world press has been seduced by the beauty of our islands, by our clear turquoise blue seas, by our white and clean sandy beaches, by the diversity of our islands, by our climate that has given us the name of the land of perpetual summer, and by the diversity of our people, but it is a person, behind that group of people that we call the press, it is a person that has been behind the camera and who has been sitting behind a computer, and Seychelles needed to acknowledge these great people, and to do that we are bringing some we have selected into our ‘Friends of Seychelles-Press,'” Alain St.Ange said.