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New Tanzania Wildlife Safari Park

Unique wildlife resource

New Tanzania Wildlife Safari Park

Celebrating Africa Tourism Day, plans are being developed to promote a newly-established Tanzania wildlife safari park which is now standing among the most attractive safari parks in Africa.

Established last year, Nyerere National Park is now undergoing development that will make it among the leading wildlife safari parks in Africa by its size and unique wildlife resource, mostly the big African mammals.

Tanzania National Parks Conservation Commissioner Mr. Allan Kijazi pointed out that plans were in place to make this park in Southern Tanzania on top among the leading wildlife safari parks in Africa.

Kijazi said that that the newly-established Nyerere National Park will become more popular due to its diversity of wildlife and other living creatures not found anywhere on Earth. The target is to make it among the global tourist attractive sites as to invite more tourists, mostly nature-loving holidaymakers.

Nyerere National Park’s panoramic plains are decorated with golden grass, savannah forests, riverine marshes, and boundless lakes. Rufiji River, the longest one in Tanzania, cuts through the park with its brownish waters flowing into the Indian Ocean. The river adds more romance in the park which is best known for its thousands of crocodiles, making it the most crocodile-infested inland-running water in Tanzania.

Other than elephants in its wilderness, the park keeps the biggest concentration of hippos and buffaloes than any other known wildlife park on the entire African continent. The park is now counted among the largest wildlife parks in Africa with relatively undisturbed ecological and biological processes, with diverse range of wild animals best for photographic safaris.

More than 440 bird species having been spotted and recorded within this park, making it a paradise for bird loving tourists. Bird species spotted in the park are the pink-backed pelicans, giant kingfishers, African skimmers, white-fronted bee-eaters, ibises, yellow-billed stork, malachite kingfishers, purple-crested turaco, Malagasy squacco heron, trumpeter hornbill, fish eagles, and many other African birds.

Visitors to this vast park will be able to enjoy the widest diversity of safari activities in the country, like boating safaris on Rufiji River as well as standard game drives, walking safaris, and legendary fly camping trips.


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